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Found 4 results

  1. Mike Roar

    Top 10 things to see in China?

    Hi guys, Just wondering what your top 10 favourite things that you have seen in China? The 10 must-see attractions (aside from the obvious Great Wall. Terracotta Army. Forbidden City)
  2. Hi Everyone, For those who are new to Hangzhou, I'll give you a quick introduction to Hangzhou Green Drinks (HZGD). HZGD is about Environmental Presentations and Networking, Social Group Hikes and Bike Rides, Environmental Film Nights, plus YOU. It's been 3 or 4 months since we had a Hangzhou Green Drinks event, but we have a few things on the drawing board in the next few months. We are always happy to hear from people who would like to give a presentation on an environmental topic/issue you are passionate about. Please contact us! Next Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014, we will have our HZGD#22 Presentation event. See basic details below or visit our HZGD website for full details. HZGD#22 Event type: Environmental presentation (7:30 - 8:15pm) + Q&A session Presenter: Lia Zhu "Xiao Zhu" (Zhu Yawen 朱雅文) Language: Mainly English 中文: "杭州朴门"背景资料 - http://www.hzpumen.com/ Basic Topic: We look forward to hearing about Lia's experiences developing the Hangzhou Permaculture (sustainable/organic lifestyle) Education Center (HZPEC "杭州朴门") and as an advocate for sustainable lifestyles and sustainable development in Hangzhou and China generally. HZGD#22 AGENDA: 7.00pm - Welcome, networking and chatting 7.30pm - Presentation by Lia Zhu 朱雅文 + Q&A 8.30pm - Discussion and Networking SPEAKER BACKGROUND: ***See more pictures and details on the HZGD website. Lia Zhu (朱雅文 Zhu Yawen) is the co-founder of the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Center (HZPEC "杭州朴门"). The HZPEC was founded by Lia and her partner Thomas (from the USA) in 2012 in a rural area between FuYang and TongLu on greater Hangzhou's outskirts. Before studying at university in Hangzhou, Lia grew up in a small village and worked on her family farm. Now at the HZPEC, she is in charge of managing volunteer and intern programs, developing bilingual training materials, public relations, and project leadership. Lia recently returned from a 1 month "Natural Building" course in Thailand. They are developing about 10 acres of beautiful mountain landscape into a working model of permaculture design. The HZPEC will host courses and conferences on topics related to permaculture, agroecology and ecological design. They currently have facilities to host about 20 students plus volunteers and teaching staff. Please talk to Lia if you are interested in teaching a course or would like to arrange a work-stay. PRESENTATION TOPICS: ***See full details on the HZGD website. 1. An introduction to permaculture (sustainable/organic) living - Buildings/facilities, Food production and Waste recycling. 2. The development of the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Center and Organic farm over the past 1.5 years. 3. Future projects and fund-raising activities at the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Center. 4. Seeking donations/sponsors for future projects (In fact "donors" at HZGD#22 will be rewarded with some of the natural, organic products made by the HZPEC - e.g. organic soap, pork sausage, etc.!!! Yes!!!) COST: Free to attend WHEN: Tuesday, 18 February, from 7.00pm onwards. ***We recommend that you arrive earlier in order to get your favoured seating position and to get your food order in early too. VENUE: 地点: 味雅咖啡 (玉古路173号, 中田大厦一楼, 近西溪路口) Vineyard Cafe, Bar and Restaurant (173 YuGu Road, 50m north of XiXi Road and 200m south of TianMu Shan Road) i.e. only a 5 minute walk from the ZJ Uni YuQuan Campus north or east gates. Call Wade (Vineyard's owner) if lost: one35 8876 5132 GREEN DRINKS DISCOUNTS: 优惠: 届时,味雅咖啡继续为广大 Green Drinkers 提供特殊优惠。 We will get some discounts on food and drinks at Vineyard before, during and after the event. Probably our best ever range of specials!!! See full details on the HZGD website. Cheers! See you soon! The Hangzhou Green Drinks Team (Lara, Cady, Andrew, Tim) HZGD Email: hangzhougreendrinks [AT] gmail [DOT] com HZGD Website: http://greendrinks.org/hangzhou ............................................................................................... please don't post the same links 3 times on one post and please read the rules on external links. Jake
  3. EVERGREEN PICNIC Activity postponed for Sunday, December 1 Healthy Habits, Healthy Life – An activity on better nutrition for a happier lifestyle---Let's go bicycling! We think people need to eat healthy in order to stay healthy. And based on that concern, we are thriving so hard to integrate all sorts of health improving elements that can help you introduce yourself to a healthier lifestyle and therefore a happier life. We also add fitness to it. This time, the Watermelon Punch team has prepared for you a special and rewarding picnic, one in which you will come to enjoy 'green' at its best. When we say green, we mean it. We are inviting you to come to learn how to appreciate nature and what it offers to you in a more significant way. To achieve that we will bring you to XiangHu. One of the best ways to enjoy healthy life is by eating and drinking green. Green means being organic in every possible way. This natural way of living is essential to adapt for the demanding environment, where everyone is exposed to air pollution and other environmentally unfriendly elements. In the Mornings or any other times of the day, you can help to protect yourself from the harm of modern city life. Then let us get out of the city for a while, and let us reignite our bodies and minds with a green natural scenery and nutritious green smoothies, as well as other foodies with additional value. One juice or smoothie a day - made from green vegetables such as kale, cucumber, celery, and spinach - works wonders for organ health, immune system strength, and weight loss. What will happen at the Evergreen Picnic? The Watermelon Punch team will have prepared for you a kilt, green smoothies, and foodies. You will learn the benefits of a evergreen lifestyle. Also, during the picnic you will be able to taste all kinds of flavors coming from a complex combination of elements all in one place. Besides, you will be siting or standing around an outdoors facility in the middle of a green environment full of freshness and good nature, too. Location and environment makes the Eververgreen Picnic even better...at XiangHu Lake. Watermelon Punch has decided to take things to the next level by inviting you to come to one of the most natural and welcoming outdoors space only found in the outskirts of Hangzhou, XiangHu Lake. It is the perfect location to enjoy the fresh and enticing flavors of a green picnic at full speed. Let us experience a memorable Sunday next to a natural beauty with the right atmosphere for your healthy day. Evergreen Picnic activity program: -Meeting in front Sunning Shop(Inside Star Avenue, Binjiang). Sunday November 24. 9:30am. -10am. Moving by car to Xianghu. Watermelon Punch will provide free transportation to Xianghu from Star Avenue. -10:30. Arriving in Xianghu. Start of a morning warmup(15 minutes). Watermelon Punch will introduce the program of activities for the day. -11:00am. Participants will get their set of guidelines for the bicycling route that Watermelon Punch has arranged for Evergreen Picnic. -11:30 - 13:00. Participants together with the Watermelon Punch will go on a bike ride around Xianghu. -13:00 - 14:00. Participants will comeback to starting point to get a drink and food package to compensate for the energy spent on the bike ride. - 14:00 - 15:00. Watermelon Punch will deliver a short workshop on fitness and healthy eating habits. For instance, Watermelon Punch will show how to do the very effective Scientific Workout in 7 minutes. Watermelon Punch will also showcase some of the basic techniques to stay fit and healthy with minimum effort in time and planning. -15:00 - 16:00. Watermelon Punch will introduce a synthesized healthy smoothies preparation method. The smoothie session will teach participants how to mix organic ingredients to stay strong and healthy for a happier lifestyle. -16:00 - 17:00. Participants will have the time to go around Xianghu lake by bike or by foot: picture taking, chatting, exploring, and appreciating of the beautiful scenery that surrounds Xianghu Lake. - 17:00. Participants and the Watermelon Punch team will gather back to starting point to conclude the Evergreen Picnic. - 17:30. Everyone heads back to Star Avenue. Watermelon Punch provides participants with transportation. - 18:00. End of the activity PS: you can bring your own bike to Xianghu Lake, or we can help you rent a bike around Xianghu Lake. It is very important that you book in advance, this way Watermelon Punch can arrange everything in time. Activity postponed for Sunday, December 1. 9:30am. (Booking in advance is essential). Meeting place: 滨江区星光大道门口(苏宁电器门前,江南大道288号) Activity fee: 88RMB Activity location: 湘湖(Xianghu Lake) 137 3804 4196 135 8606 8578
  4. Hello Everyone, The Hangzhou Green Drinks (HZGD) environmental awareness community group is holding our 20th event tonight from 7pm at Vineyard. Tonight's event will be a presentation event. For full details, see the calendar event info here: http://hihangzhou.com/index.php?/calendar/event/41-hangzhou-green-drinks-hzgd20-presentation-event/ Please join us and bring your friends. The HZGD Team (Lara, Cady, Tim) https://www.facebook.com/groups/406963842673295/