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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All! I was born in Hong Kong but grew up in the Philippines. Currently working here in Malaysia but the company I work with is expanding to HZ. I haven't been to HZ before but I am looking forward to it! I speak English (10/10) Filipino (10/10) Mandarin (6/10) Hokien (4/10) Cantonese (2/10)... Looking forward to connecting with people who are into tabletop boardgames! Also interested to know if there are other Filipinos in HZ as well... Cheers!
  2. Hello, everybody!

    Hello, everybody! My name is Alexandr. I am from Russia. I arrived in Hangzhoua month ago. I am working as an English teacher. I like hiking, joging, and cycling. If someone interested in these activities or used to do in Hangzhou, i'd like to join.
  3. Dear group, I'm new to the city from the UK. Looking forward to checking out the events and advices about life in HZ and, of course, meeting other like-minded expats. I'm based near Yuquan campus at ZJU. I'd love to join the wechat group (wechat ID "whatsupinhangzhou") as well. Best,
  4. Hello everybody, I am very new to HZ been here two days thus far. Still staying at a hotel till my recruiter moves me into my apartment. Not sure where that will be as yet. I am from the Caribbean and I am looking for individuals who may be a newbie like myself or anyone who cares to make a new friend, to explore and get lost in this beautiful city of HZ. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  5. Hi guys, I'm moving to Hangzhou soon, I have been doing my research before doing it. So far I read some very different comments on which is the' best' area to live in. Every one has a view, and that's okay. I would want to know the neutral comment on each area. North/South. CBDs and so on. I'll be working near subway line 1. I'd like to hear about what you guys think of each 'popular' areas on that line? Thanks a lot. And can I add person on wechat or send them emails?
  6. Late to the game

    Hello! I will be moving over come September, transfering my teaching skills in Britain to a school in Hangzhou I should hope. Although I know a few people going over already it would be nice to get to know some people who are already there! Advice on packing up and selling your usual life is much appreciated but I also like cats, so what's the feline scene in Hangzhou like? I also like science fiction, gaming and am a lover of film and art.
  7. New here

    Hi all, I will be relocating to Hangzhou in May, really glad that I found this forum.
  8. New here

    Hi all, I will be relocating to Hangzhou in May, really glad that I found this forum.
  9. New here

    Hi all, I will be relocating to Hangzhou in May, really glad that I found this forum.
  10. newbie here to say hi

    I'm Matt, been here since September. Relatively new. Thought I'd find out what's up in Hangzhou
  11. This a a quick reference for new members to this forum and even forums in general. Many on this forum started right where you are, and have over time built up and become part of the "family", so to say. If you are familiar to forums, great. If not here is the most basic of things you need to know. Straight off the bat, the term newbie, will be your tag for a while, this does not mean anything bad. It is simply a reference to the fact that you are new to the forum. "A person new to a game, concept, or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a stupid person. Newbies are just new." - Urban Dictionary. You have come to this forum, either to meet other/new people, or to simply ask a question. Both are fine, but please pay attention to the guides when asking questions. The chances that you will get a solid answer, covering the question/s you have asked will depend on a couple of factors: Use the search function within the forum, to possibly find the same or similar question you have. This way, it makes it easier for the next person to find the answer to their question. If you do not find the question/answer you are looking for, you can create a new topic under Hangzhou Questions & Answers. When posting, keep it as simple and as clear as possible. This makes it easier for our multi-national, multi-lingual community to assist you. (We know and understand that not everyone on this forum is a native English speaker.) Please use common sense. "Dumb" questions will have our unique trolls and keyboard warriors on you quicker than you think. This goes for repeated questions as well. Manners cost you nothing. We are a community of different races, cultures and beliefs. Try and ask or say something in the same way you would to someone on the street, without the possibility of being punched in the teeth. If you do create a topic, do not simply "hit and run". Meaning, do not post your question, get your answer and disappear. Give credit where credit is due. On the bottom right of the answer you have received, there is a green arrow pointing up, simple click on that, and say thanks to the user for the information. I hope that this gives a better idea of how to co-exist a little easier, and make the adjustment to China smoother.
  12. Moving to Hangzhou

    Hello everyone, I will be moving to Hangzhou in a few month's time and was hoping a few people on this platform could provide me with some information. Average price for an apartment ( bachelor / 1 bedroom) in Hangzhou close to Qian Jiang CBD or easily accessible through public transport. Bachelor / 1 bedroom. Monthly price for a gym membership. How is the quality of the air as I have been advised to bring a humidifier. Thank you for the information and I look forward to meeting those with the same interests as I, which I will post more questions of closer to the time.
  13. I just posted this in another section. My bad. Here it is again. hello expat friends. I'm a Canadian currently working in Bangkok teaching English. I'm heading to Hangzhou tomorrow to scope it out because I'm thinking of moving here. I was hoping I may be able to find someone to show me around a bit and fill me in on what Hangzhou life is like. I'm easy going and enjoy a drink or two or more! Kind of short notice, but any takers? I'm here from Friday until Tuesday. Thanks friends!
  14. Hey guys im still kind of new. (been here a month and a half) G plus is within walking distance from my apartment so I usually just go there.... I am bored of that now though, Anyone know of any other good clubs? what are your views? Also does anyone know when any mixers are? (after May 15th)
  15. totally new here

    Hi guys, I'm Sonia and I'm from ...well that's complicated . Came to Hangzhou in September. interested in meeting new people. Love hanging out. Though its COLD OUT and i know ill be hauling ass everywhere if I have to step out.
  16. Local girl Shirley here!

    Hey there! I'm a local Chinese girl. Just found this interesting place. Traveled in Southeast Asia last year by myself and met lots of funny foreigners. So thinking I can offer help to you guys and make friends. Feel free to ask me anything about this city or Chinese or myself :)
  17. arriving in April

    Hi I'm Belinda, I'll be arriving in April and am really excited and nervous to start over and explore this part of the world. Looking forward to meeting people and finding natures hidden or not so hidden gems. My place of work is on Chengxing Road, Qianjiang CBD and I’m currently looking for a room to rent or an apartment and trying to find out which district is appropriate for me. From what I’ve read it seems the best places to stay are around West Lake and around Yellow Dragon Stadium, would these be too far to travel using the public transport system or worth the trip? I think the less time I have to spend in traffic the better. Also if anyone knows any nice apartment buildings they could suggest possibly in that appropriate area, that would be fantastic. This is all new to me so any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
  18. Hello :) So I've been in Hangzhou for a little over two months now and I am JUST discovering this site now. It's actually amazing to see how many expats actually live here. I have been so busy with classes and working on my start-up that I have barely had a social life since I've been here. I'm a grad student at ZJU from the US, just here on a semester exchange/thinking about moving to Asia after graduation. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and to see if anyone is interested in chatting.
  19. Hi I've just moved from the UK to Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. I've come here to teach english with Disney English. I'm a country girl at heart so all these bright lights, smog and big buildings are a little overwhelming to be honest. I'm feeling pretty lonely so would like to make friends etc, so I wont notice that I'm still single haha
  20. New girl from England

    Hello! I am here for a year teaching English to young kids, been here for two weeks already enjoying it so far however unsure of where to go and would like to meet more English speaking folk! Can usually be found drifting around with my sketchbook, I'm loving the lakes and the musical fountains, also interested to see what the nightlife is like.
  21. New girl from England

    Hello! I am here for a year teaching English to young kids, been here for two weeks already enjoying it so far however unsure of where to go and would like to meet more English speaking folk! Can usually be found drifting around with my sketchbook, I'm loving the lakes and the musical fountains, also interested to see what the nightlife is like.
  22. 22 year old English girl

    I've been here for 3 months and I think its time to branch out and make some western friends :) I like alternative music a lot, basketball even though I suck at it It'd be nice to have some exploring/ drinking/ music nerd buddies
  23. New in town.

    Hey everyone! I just arrived and I am all set to settle down here. Does anyone know where I can get a second hand electric scooter here in Hangzhou?
  24. For any new arrivals, I found this map really useful in my first year (and still do). There may be easier or better ways to get the info but this sure works for me. This link shows the route of the 193 bus from town to my place. Just replace the '193' with the bus route you want to search for and hit return I have used it to find bus routes from point A to point B on the map and had some success: but my Chinese is weak and I think I just got lucky. Play around with it and see what you can do good luck http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&ie=utf-8&s=s%26wd%3D%E6%9D%AD%E5%B7%9E%E5%85%AC%E4%BA%A4%E8%BD%A6193%E8%B7%AF iain