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Found 3 results

  1. Here is your chance to HELP THE WORLD! Investor and Partner Needed You can be part of a team to create a chance for people all over the world to improve their lives. Just think, you will be known all over the world, as a creator and developer of improving people’s lives. As of date out of the 195 countries and 3,720 cities we are targeting, we have people in 26 countries and over 30 cities around the world, working off of an exclusive commission only programs in which we have set in place. We will be meeting face-to-face with Prime Minister’s and other government and business people in many countries over the year and forward. We will be given them our 591 page full-color catalog to pick items their city or business is interested in buying. There are other catalogs that will be available soon as well. Objective, (our goal) ABC LED Inc. wants to also have an office and production company in Hangzhou or surrounding area. I am James Scott from America, with an office in Guzhen China, (The lighting capital of the world), but Hangzhou is my local town of China. My wife was born here on West Lake at the Museum and owns WalWal English school here in Hangzhou. Her father was the West Lake Museum boss for many, many years. We are looking to get a general finance manager and to create the voice sales and customer support center here in Hangzhou, where there is more opportunity for recruiting more skilled English speaking and writing people. Once development is finished of a product, it can also be assembled here if we so choose to have it done here. ABC Bring jobs back to the world, worldwide! One World, One Team, On One Platform Our newest redo company for ABC LED Inc., has been developed after over 6 years of design and creating a solution to offer the poor and middle class of the world a chance to move up to the middle class or even the rich class of people, worldwide. You can be a part of it and become world known! Create worldwide jobs and help build small business opportunities again in the world. We feel the worldwide dream of small businesses is fading away in the mergers and power struggles of the multi-billion dollar companies. We have created opportunities in many cities around the world, already. We are offering people in 195 countries and over 3,720 cities around the world a chance to join our one world team, (Full-Time or Part-Time) by either selling our products in which we manufacture or to own a location in their location of the world, exclusively manufacturing and/or selling products in which, we have designed and sell. New Products, we have developed and sold · Commercial Lighting Products · Sports Lighting · Area Spot Lights · Residential Lights Products Supplied and Engineered, by ABC LED Inc., and our partners. · Solar Products (Lighting and Energy producers) · Encapsulation of LED both SMD and Dipped LED’s · LED (PCB) Printed Circuit Boards · LED Drivers (power supplies for LED’s) · Metal Housings (LED lighting and LED signage) · Plastic Housings (LED safety products and LED lighted furniture) · Garment products (cloth LED lighted products) · LED Plastic Rope Lighting · LED Lighted waterproof products (safety products and sports related) · LED Lighted Safety Products (roads and construction) · LED Lighted UVC Products (bacterial and germ killing lights) · LED Lighting Products (both assembly and manufacturing) · LED Signage Products (programmable, static, directional, safety) · LED Lighting Monitoring systems for lighting products · Monitoring system for tracking locations of products PROJECTS WE WANT TO BID ON: 1. HOME BUILDERS PROJECTS (Track Home Builders) 2. GOVERNMENT PROJECTS (Streets, Parks and Buildings) 3. COMMERCIAL BUILDERS PROJECTS 4. RESIDENTIAL BUILDERS PROJECTS 5. HOTEL BUILDERS PROJECTS 6. APARTMENT BUILDERS PROJECTS 7. NATIONAL CHAIN STORES (Food, Clothing, Automotive and more!) Financial Plan To achieve these projections, we are creating teams around the world and training people all around the world to help us get the chance to sell, LED Lighting, LED Signage, Solar Products, Wind Products and Faraday Products. Our Strength 1. Over 30 years in lighting, signage and solar products knowledge. 2. Purchasing Department in Guzhen China, in place. 3. Online Training school in place. 4. International Server in place. 5. Website in place. 6. CRM & ERP in place. 7. Largest private vendor database in place. 8. Communication Channels in place. 9. Contracts and forms in place. 10. Security System in place. Our Weakness 1. China legal company, not in place. 2. Finance Officer, not in place. 3. IT Director, not in place. 4. Website Director, not in place. 5. CRM & ERP Director, not in place. 6. Chinese support team, not in place. 7. Chinese/English support agents, not in place. Thanks for your interest in joining our One World, One Team, on One Platform, worldwide. Listed above are the project types, we are finding and working on getting a chance to bid them together as a team. The number one problem is, that they have it setup, so if you do not have a representative on the job-sit the day it is released for bid, you cannot even bid it in most cases around the world. What we need to do is get the legal paperwork to allow us to get setup as an approved vendor. Then get the lighting, signage and solar takeoffs of the projects and bid them, as a team of one. I am James, the president and leader of technology, development and creator of most of the new products; I offer rich history in Lighting, Signage, LED, Solar and Wind products for our salespeople and customers. I have been doing Lighting and signage for over 30 years and over 17 years in LED, solar and China. I am the go to man for all of our people worldwide. Most of the time I will have the solution, right off the top of my head. Sincerely, James Scott
  2. Hello. I am a French businessman in the field of food, pastry and bakerie. I am looking for a business partner or investor to start a French delicasy business in Shangai, Beijing or Hanghzhou. Please contact me if you are interested. Daniel
  3. I am currently studying at Zhejiang University: Yuquan Campus and I am looking to have language exchange with someone. Please contact me through this forum. Preferably, I would like a female language exchange partner. Thank you!!!