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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! I'm moving to Hangzhou in August. I'm hoping to bring my little dog, Lucy, with me. I've found a direct flight into Hangzhou from the US. Can anyone tell me if there is a quarantine for a pet (dog, cat) when if you fly directly into Hangzhou (and circumvent Shanghai, where there is definitely a quarantine)? If so, I need to try to fly into Guangzhou, and I would like to avoid that extra complication, if possible. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hi all, About to move to Hangzhou from Turkey (Canadian) and my wife and I are trying to figure out the best way to get our rescue dog to China. I've found flights from Amsterdam direct to Hangzhou, bypassing Shanghai or quarantine-less Guangzhou, but wondered if anyone knows if there is a mandatory quarantine in Hangzhou or has any experience arriving directly from another country with a pet? Thanks in advance! Drew
  3. Hi, Friends, I'm moving to Hangzhou in August from the United States, and hoping to bring my small dog. First, I have been told that on the long flights to China, airlines do not permit the (small) animal in cabin. Has anyone had a different experience, and if so, what airline did you use? I would really like to avoid putting her in the cargo hold (she's small, and would fit under an airline seat in her carrier). More importantly, I'm wondering if anyone has any recent (as in, the last 12 months) experience with the quarantine situation in Hangzhou? Has anyone had their cat or dog boarded there? What was your experience? Should I absolutely avoid it for my dog? I don't expect that they would be in the lap of luxury or anything, but would it be life-threatening to quarantine her in Hangzhou's quarantine facilities? I have also read that if you come into Hangzhou from Hong Kong, there is not quarantine, as it is a domestic flight? Does anyone know if this is true? I have also read that you have to go from HK to Shenzhen and from there to Hangzhou. I'd love to avoid having all these connections. I am aware of pet relocation services, but they are a bit out of my price range and I would probably not be able to afford them. If you can speak to the quality of the kennels and the treatment of the dogs in Hangzhou's animal quarantine, please let me know! Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm looking for someone or a service that would be willing to come to my apartment when my girlfriend and I are traveling to take care of the most adorable rabbit in the world - Penny. All you'd have to do is let him run around a bit, and give him food+water. If we're gone more than a week you'd have to take his litter box out, which is just like a cat's. He's litter trained! He's super easy to take care of. The only time we'd both be gone more than a week is around Christmas and NYE 2017. If this is something you'd be interested in please send me a PM. Cheers everyone! - Warren
  5. Hi all, Apologize if this question has been asked, but I'm new so here we go: I need a reliable place to board my adult cat while I look for an apartment. Getting him there seems easy enough working through the relocation service I've found (I'm coming from HK). But I need to put him somewhere while I find a place to live. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, TominHZ
  6. MissCupCake

    Free kitten

    Hi all, I found an adorable kitten in Hangzhou about two weeks ago. She had no collar and looked very lost but it was very playful and not afraid of people at all. This lead me to believe she was a lost or abandoned pet. I have been unable to locate the owner and she has been happily living with me ever since, however I'm due to leave Hangzhou shortly and would love to find her a happy home before I go. She's been to the vet and had all her tests, she was all clear and she's had the flea and ear mite treatment so she's ready to take home if anyone is looking for a pet. She's very sweet and loving but as she's a kitten she's also extremely active and loves to play! Please contact me if your interested or know anyone who might be interested. Thanks, Mary
  7. Hello Hangzhou, My friend is selling this cutie pie and hopes he can find a loving home. It's a male bronze-colored poodle puppy of 3 months who loves cuddles. PM me if interested, he says woof.
  8. I am moving back to Canada in February and I'm brining my cat with me. I need to have him vaccinated for rabies and that document must be translated. I also need a soft carrier for him that fits Air Canada's size requirments. Does anyone know of a reliable and professional vet in HZ? If you're at all familiar with the process of taking pets on flights, any help would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  9. It turns out that I've got a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to small, cute things, so I took in a puppy about a month or so ago and now it's time to find her a new home! (I travel and move around a bit too much for her to be particularly happy living with me and I won't be able to give her all the attention she deserves so I'd love to find someone who wants a companion dog.) She's the cutest Bishon I've ever seen (and my best friend back home has 5 of them), and she's a treasure to be around. I named her Wesley but, since she's only 3 months old and I've only had her for a few weeks, she doesn't respond to the name yet so you're welcome to rename her if you'd like! She can be playful if you get her going, but for the most part, she is a very calm puppy and she's completely content to lie down near you and nap or sit in your lap for quite a while; she will make a really wonderful companion dog. She absolutely loves being pet and held, in addition to enjoying belly rubs. My flatmates and I have been training her while she's been with us and she's almost completely crate-trained. She hates being in the crate during the day and will whine when she knows there are people in the apartment (puppies will totally chill in their crate all day but not if you force them to.) Other than that she's very well-behaved for a puppy and rarely chews or bites on anything other than the toys/food items you give her when she's not locked in the crate. She also responds quickly when you tell her not to chew or bite something (I tell her 'no' in a firm voice and either take away what she's messing with or move her.) Wes sleeps through the night (in a crate) without problems now, this being from 1-2am to usually about 9-10am, at which point she will wake you up (by making a ton of noise) because she needs to go to the bathroom if you haven't taken her out yet. She knows the 'sit' command fairly well, has picked up on "come here," and she's also making progress on 'stay.' (If you adopt her, I can show you the hand signs we use.) In the last week or two, we also began leash-training which isn't going too badly and Wes has learned pretty quickly, although, since she's still a puppy and, thus, has a short attention span, she likes to try to run off any time something catches her attention. House/Potty-training hasn't been too difficult as long as you keep her on a regular feeding/walk schedule. She still has accidents inside if she isn't taken out every 3ish hours but we're using a bell system by the front door to train her to let us know when she needs to use the restroom outside. (You can take the bells-on-a-string with you too, if you want.) I have taken Wes to the Angel Animal Hospital and she has been examined, treated, and given a clean bill of health! I have also started her vaccinations and the animal hospital has her file with everything recorded so if you'd like to take her elsewhere, you can stop by and get a copy of her records. Whomever adopts Wes will be able to take whatever dog food and treats I have for her. Wes also has a collar, leash, and a carrier you will be able to take with you as well. (The crate I am currently using does not belong to me so you will only be getting her carrier.) I imagine you will also be taking her one or two toys with you as I will have no need for them! There will be a 700 RMB re-homing fee (that I may be willing to negotiate on) as I really want Wes to go to a loving home and to (hopefully) not be re-sold. I'm sorry that this turned into a novel but if you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me and ask! I'd love to find her a new home as soon as possible to prevent any possible separation anxiety problems. (The pics are all of Wesley from earlier tonight!)
  10. My cat, Toby, is in need of a home for a minimum of two months (July and August). I am leaving to return to America for the summer and I need a place to take care of him. I have already asked the local cat cafes but they won't take him because they are "to capacity." If you don't think you want to keep him after one or two months, then I'll take him back. I would prefer that the person who takes him has the intention of keeping him, however. Personality: Toby is a laid back, goofy guy who likes to be a part of the action. Seldom will you find yourself alone in a room without his companionship. His favorite thing to do is be by your side, happy to be petted. Once his motor gets going, he is a purring machine. While he will tolerate being held for a short time, he's not one for cuddling - he feels smothered. He likes to sit and look out the window at the people passing by and has been known to 'talk' to the birds he sees. Logistics: He is healthy and has had no signs of illness in the year that I've had him. He has been vaccinated and neutered. He is very good about using his litter box - I've never had to deal with an 'accident' elsewhere in my apartment. He doesn't break anything that's sitting out on counters. Accessories: litter box and litter, cat food, cat treats, food dish, cat bed, collar with bell I am willing to bring him and all of his equipment to you - all free of charge. Please email me at k80sill@gmail.com if you are interested. I leave Hangzhou on July 3 so time is of the essence.
  11. This trip to Hangzhou is bound to be unlike any other flight that I have ever been on. Not only will my daughter be traveling internationally for the first time, so will my cat... My mean cat... At first I thought that this problem would be as easy as just sedating her while in flight that way she wouldn't be throwing a fit the whole time we were in the air and causing all of our fellow passengers auditory anguish. After a lot of research though, it seems that vets frown upon sedating animals on flights as it messes with their blood pressure and can be potentially fatal. So there goes that plan. My next two options are: -To do all to make my kitty cat as comfy as possible and apologize profusely to all of my fellow passengers. or -Have her checked with the luggage. That last options seems particularly harsh to me but I know that I am going to have a bit on my plate just occupying my sassy pants girl, especially on our 20 hour layover in Seoul. Any tips or experiences would be a great help in making this choice! Thank you
  12. Hi everyone! My last fish died a week ago and I decided not to get more, so I'm selling my fish tank. It has a medium size, water heater, filter, fake plants and stones. If anybody is interested please write down or text me! 18606503731. The price for everything is 150 yuan including fish food and net.