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Found 4 results

  1. A Racist Yordle

    Traveling in China

    So, I know that foreigners on a tourist visa need print offs of their itinerary and their travel plans for the cops. I assume Laowai with residence permits don't need to worry about that, and can go almost anywhere without plans or worrying, as long as they have their passport and residence permit. Can someone confirm for me?
  2. Hi everyone! I have a serious question to ask: Is it difficult to get a residence permit of at least 1 year on a Q1 VISA as a husband? I just got a Q1 visa (as a husband) to go to China and continue with the Q1 procedure in Hangzhou. And from what I understand I have to register for a residence permit as soon as I arrive in China (within 30 days). I don´t really know if my foreign bank´s balance sheet would make any difference in helping me, or previous work or academic qualifications. Should I disclose any of those things? Does anyone here have any experience with a Q1 visa in here? From reading the brief summary of our situation does anyone know if it would be difficult to get at least 1 year residence card and/or more than a 1 year after applying for the first time at the PSB? What kind of things would help mentioning or showing that I should do that to improve my odds at getting a longer residence permit?
  3. Is this normal or should I be concerned. I transferred from another province to Hangzhou and waiting on paperwork so I did not go to the police station on the 1st day back in the country for my residence permit (was in Hong Kong for a break) but the 1st day back I was in a Hotel and didn’t even know my new address. I work through an agent so was really waiting on him but I was also NOT aware that one had to register on the 1st day back in the country. At the police station I did not understand one word of the discussions and was sent up to the investigation office where the police guy was nice but he too didn't speak English and the procedure was very intimidating. I had to sign documents I did not understand (all in Chinese) then I had to do my thumb fingerprint over my signature and while doing so I was being photographed. The agent paid a fine and I was given a pink form which apparently states that I have been fined and warned for failing to register. What exactly does this mean besides the obvious that I failed to register.
  4. Neo

    Work Permit Renewal Time

    Recently there has been a lot of news about Residence permit taking long time for renewal. In that case when do we need to apply for renewal of the Work Permit ? Earlier work permit used to be renewed 30 days before expiry and Residence permit application could be done even on the last day. These days has any one found change in this time schedule ?