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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking to find an apartment with a Chinese roommate so I can continue practicing Chinese, and I can help with their English. I'm 26, from England, been studying Chinese for 1 year at Zhejiang University. I'm an easy-going person, clean, and I will be working full-time + attending Chinese classes. I'm about to start work in February, but I can move now. Looking for a place in Xihu district, the closer to Huanglong stadium, the better. Something between 2000-3000RMB per month. If you're interested, or know anyone who might be interested, send me a message. FOUND A PLACE
  2. Hey there, I just secured a very nice furnished apartment close to everything in downtown. Easy going American guy, age 23, teaching ESL. I have intermediate Mandarin language skills. Looking for roommate(s). Get in touch if interested and I can give you all of the details.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm renting an apartment near Zijingang campus and looking for a roommate. It's a beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath place on the 7th floor of a nice community near the southern gate of campus. I've already got one roommate, but still looking for one more. Prefer fellow Zhejiang University students, but others are welcome as well. Contact me for pictures and more info please! :)
  4. Hello, everybody. I'm looking for appartment studio or room in shared appartment in Binjiang district, its will be better if it will close to subway station
  5. 你好! i'm looking for single / shared room apartment available on 24/25 june - 30 July/ 1 august I'm tidy and respectful to people's comfort near from yuquan campus will be better thx !!
  6. ROOMMATE WANTED! THE APARTMENT: 3 rooms, 2 toilets, 2 bath room, sunny and comfy living room, medium kitchen. THE COPLEX: Quite new, very big, very beautiful, modern, and it also has a very nice gym nearby. RENT: Please message me privately. UTILITIES: Water, Gas, Internet, Electricity and the complex fees which we'd split. Available date: 24th of Feb 2016. Address: 浙江省杭州市拱墅区尚景国际~ 5 minutes by walk from the INTIME shopping mall in Pingshui Road~10 minutes away from Zijinggang campus by bike. MATE: Just don't be gross, messy or a jerk. YOU LIVE WITH: Two lovely, clean, girls, one Persian and one Norwegian. NOTE: We have the contract till 17th of Feb 2017, so we would like, our new roomie stays at least 6 months with us, lazy to look for a roommate every other month! FINALLY: It's quite new compound, so clean and classy, 9th floor of a very chic tower~ the place is quite new, we still didn't move in there, we start the contract on 24th~ it comes with parking for cars and Ebikes with even charging system for Ebikes. Girls preferable.
  7. Hi everyone ! My name is Kheliane. I am a french student girl going to Hangzhou for the first time. In February, I will go the Zhejiang Gongshang University, Xiasha campus. My biggest concern here is about finding an accomodation. Do you have some advice ? Do you know if a room will be available somewhere, next to the college ? Do you know if someone will be looking for a roommate in February ? Or maybe someone is as lost as I am, and we can probably search for a place together ? All the best, Kheliane !
  8. Hi everybody! I'm Serena from Italy. I am attending Zhejiang University (Yuquan Campus). I am searching for a house and roommates! I am clean, precise and outgoing! right now I am living in a hostel until i get the residence permit, and from the 22nd of September I could move in! looking forward to hearing from you! bye Serena
  9. After a long search for a decent apartment in downtown of Hangzhou, I found one good apartment . Now I'm looking for a roommate to share it with me . There are two same-size bedrooms in it, a big lounge , a kitchen , and a bathroom . It is located on the 22 nd floor of a new building in Jianggan district on Daomaoxiang and Chingchun road crossroad 刀矛巷庆春路路口。 Its a convenient location for those who works or studies in downtown, there a lot of cafes, fruit shops, small shops etc in that area. The price for an apartment is 4100 a month ( so 2050 per room.)+ we need to pay a deposit in advance and comission to the agent . If you are interested, and want to know more details please, let me know ASAP. this apartment can be rented out very soon [please send me private message for contact information]
  10. Hello Everyone, I've been in HZ for alost two years now, but never joined HZ expat formally. Hopefully this will make my experience that much better. I'm a chill enough guy who had an awesome roommate that some of you might even know named Ian from Canada. Long story short he had to go back recently due to some minor VISA trouble and I'm looking for a roommate! Pictures include the room in question and some of the common areas! The house is huge and feels baller [please reply here, or send me private message for contact information]
  11. I'm looking for An Apartment in 西湖区 Xihu district or Jianggan district 江干区 (look at the picture) .It's easier to find a descent 2 or 3 room apartment. I'm easy-going , friendly and open-minded! And I REALLY NEED A NEW PLACE TO STAY) I have already seen some nice apartments, and now I need people) [please reply here or send me private message for contact information] if you are also looking for a new home )
  12. I'm a full-time/part-time Montessorri teacher that doesn't really party mainly I d=focus on physical fitness, music and my career as a Montessori teacher. I'm looking for a new roomate as my last roommate abruptly left me with my giant apartment. It's two floors so esssentially the upstairs and kitchen would be my roommates more than mine. Huge balcony and living room as well and a private downstairs storage room perfect for an ebike. I'm looking for a laid-back person who cleans up after themselves. Message me for more details before the room gets snatched up!
  13. We are looking for a flatmate in a nice 2 room appartment on the first floor. Kitchen, bathroom, big entrance, clean, rent 1600 a month.
  14. Hi! Im 26 years old male from Europe, been studying and working in China for over 6 years. I moved here for work few days ago. I normally dont smoke or go to clubs, i prefer gym and some socializing. I am now looking for apartment in gong shu or xi hu area. My work is on wensan road and baoshu bei road. 2 bedroom apartment from 4000 to 6000 CNY would be good.. Anyone looking for something similar? We could get much better deal for 2 bedroom apartment. My email is rpiiks at yahoo or just leave a reply here.
  15. Looking for a room in Binjiang area(滨江区,滨江路) nearby Star Ave. (在星光大道附近)or nearby Jiangling subway station(在江陵地铁站附近 )
  16. Looking to rent an apartment to begin around the end of July/beginning of August. Ideal place would be around wenyi/ wener road near gongshang University (文一路、文二路). Send me a private message if interested.
  17. THE APARTMENT: 3 rooms, 2 toilets, 1 bath room, sunny and comfy living room, medium kitchen. THE COPLEX: Quite new, very big, very beautiful, modern, and it also has a gym and a pool. RENT: Please message me on "15205818503". UTILITIES: Water, Gas, Internet, Electricity and the complex fees which we'd split. Available date: 1st of JULY 2015. Address: 浙江省杭州市拱墅区萍水街益乐路口东方福邸~5 minutes by walk from the INTIME shopping mall in Pingshui Road~10 minutes away from Zijinggang campus by bike, and 20 minutes away from Zhejiang yuquan campus by bus (only one direct bus, the bus station is 3 minutes far from our place). MATE: Just don't be gross, messy or a jerk. YOU LIVE WITH: Two lovely, clean, polite Persian girls. NOTE: We have the contract till end of December, so we would like, our new roomie stays at least 6 months with us, lazy to look for a roommate every other month!
  18. Hi there! I'm 25 yo male from western Europe. I've been studying and working in China for about 4 years. Now moving back to Hangzhou after few years break. Looking for a flat or room. My work will be in different parts of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan. So the flat should be in Binjiang district or in other places, but close to metro station. I don't smoke, have no bad habits, like sports and other activities. Contacts: [please send me private message for contact information]
  19. Hey all, Unfortunately I have to leave Hangzhou earlier than anticipated and return to the UK and so want to sub let my room. I live with two very good friends in a nice (large) house a short bike ride from Zhejiang University and Xixi Wetlands. I pay 1,450RMB a month. If you are interested, let me know on here or you can contact me by email, SMS or on We Chat: [please send me private message for contact information] Cheers, Matt
  20. Hello! My current flatmates are moving out and I am looking for a new flatmate(s) to take the master bedroom! I have confirmed they will be moving out the morning of February 4th and will not be returning. (As rent is paid around the 23rd of each month, they would like to negotiate a fair exchange for rent/utilities as they will only be here for half of the month, so you will able to save on part of the first month's rent if you move in by Feb 4th. I can promise you that they are very fair and reasonable and will use the prior month's utility bills for reference.) So, the room will be available starting on FEBRUARY 4th and rent is 1800yuan/month (with possible exception of the first month where you might only need to pay half) plus 1-month deposit. Apartment Details: - 2-story apartment, clean, spacious, and decently furnished with the basics (couch, dining table plus chairs, desk in master bedroom, beds, nightstands.) - Upstairs: Bedrooms - Master bedroom with large bathroom, separate storage room, and small balcony attached (up for grabs) - Additional bedroom (that I use) - Downstairs: Kitchen, fairly large Living Room/Dining area, and additional Bathroom (that I use) - Decent-sized refrigerator, washing machine, flat-screen tv downstairs (I don't use it but you are more than welcome to), and more storage space than I really know what to do with. (The photos attached are from when my flatmates first moved in so things look a little different, I will try to post more recent photos soon with the kitchen and a better shot of the master bath.) Location Details: - It's in a newly built apartment complex located on Liuhe Road. - The complex has a couple small restaurants as well as a small supermarket where you can pick up snacks and basic essentials. - There is a bus stop located right outside the apartment complex itself. - 5 minute by bus (20 minute walk) to LiuXia where there's a grocery store, small local market, local police station (to register), 24 hr KFC for when you want fries at 2am, your garden variety of banks to choose from, and a few shops. - not even 10 minutes by bus to In-City Mall/YinXiang Cheng in XiXi (thank you to Leah Lee and my flatmates for the name!) - 30 minutes by bus to Yuquan Campus (Zhejiang University) - 45 minutes by bus to Zijingang Campus (Zhejiang Univ) - 10 minutes to Zhejiang University of Science and Technology You can reach me via PM on here for more details or if you would like to see the apartment!
  21. Hi guys! My flatmate will leave China at the end of January and I am looking for a new flatmate! The apartament its located on Lianhua Street you can see more exactly in the pictures on the map. It is a big apartment around 85 square meters and it has 2 rooms plus living room, one bathroom and one kitchen. You will be sharing only with one person (me) :) Its full-furnished with washing machine, AC (cold & hot), heater, bathroom with shower, kitchen( with new plates, cutlery, pans, glasses,cups) Across the street is Century market, KFC, Cafe Bene, Indian taste restaurant and plenty of chinese restaurants. Its 25 min walking distance to Xixi Wetland Park, 40 min to Hangzhou East Railway station by 179 Bus, 4 stops to Yuquan campus and 5 stops to Vineyard pub by 17 Bus also 15 min to In Time Mall by 91 bus. From here to bus station its only 2 min walking. The rent is 1825 RMB per month and its 2 months deposit(3650) plus 2 months advance payment(3650). So in total its 7300 RMB You can contact me by phone 18516316184 Andrei
  22. Hi, I'm Jamuna. Me and my friend are coming to Hangzhou on September 1st. We will study Chinese language at Zhejiang University for 1 year. We want to rent house or share apartment in Hangzhou. Definitely not looking for a luxurious house but a mediocre one which is manageable. Also looking for house at lesser rental price. If the house is located in the rural area is also fine. The distance can be around 10km to 15km from the college. Looking at a rent of 500RMB to 750RMB. Do ping me at qq number 1678040184. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello everyone, This is Dila.Im from Turkey and have just moved to Hangzhou to work in an international company.Currently looking for a room in a shared flat.Budget is 1500-2000. is my e mail adress.Just let me know if you have anything to offer. Cheers Dila
  24. New to town from the US. Looking for a room with other non-smokers close as possible to the Yu'quan north gate of Zhejiang University.
  25. hi. I am Fay, i am a chinese girl and i am looking for one or two roommates to living together. I am very easygoing,and i am very good at cooking,chinese food of course. girls would be perfect. I am looking for a one year contract or at least 6 months. My apartment is between WENER ROAD and WENSAN ROAD,it's close to YUQUAN and HUANGLONG. If you are interested and have something to ask, contact me please. My email Come and living with me ! lol