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Found 22 results

  1. Hey Hangzhou people! Akenz a North European Multi-brand store, located in GuoDa City Plaza, is having a sales promotion this weekend 17-20th. November! Drop by for some insane special prices and discover some of Europe's finest brands! AKENZ: 杭州市下城区延安路609号国大城市广场B1 - B1 No.609 Yan An Road,GuoDa City Plaza ,Xia Cheng District,Hangzhou
  2. qalexisl

    Furniture and Electronics

    Where can you find stores that sell furniture? Also what stores here sell electronics like tvs and refrigerators? I'm in the xihu district but like way South of the west lake
  3. qalexisl

    Shopping Advice?

    Moving to xihu district and I'm just wondering what kind of appliances and groceries will be available. If there's any thing i definitely won't be able to find could y'all let me know?
  4. Casper

    Hangzhou Event for Everybody

    EVENT ENJOYMENT This Saturday from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Akenz store at GDA Plaza, 333 Ti Yu Chang Road, is throwing a Karhu sneaker release event! During this event, the first 20 people gets 50% off ones purchase of Karhu shoes! Come by and say hello to fellow expats, see some models do photo shoots, get a drink, snacks and have a good time. Hope to see some of you there. Cheers Casper
  5. Nina Boehm

    Need: vacuum cleaner

    Hey, does anyone sell a vacuum cleaner? Or knows a place where to buy a cheap one? I'm living in Binjiang. Thanks in advance, Nina
  6. Due to G20 I can't get the watch battery I need ASAP for an upcoming trip shipped from any online stores. Looking for a suggestion of where there might be a watch repair shop or electronic stand or shop with a good selection of coin type watch batteries somewhere in the city of Hangzhou that is currently open. I've gone to the shops around my house but none carry the battery type I need. Thanks for any sugestions. P.S. if you suggest TaoBao POX of you and your kin.
  7. Patrickbritt1

    Maternity & Baby Clothes

    Can anyone tell me where I can find good maternity clothes and baby clothes in Hangzhou. My wife and I are expecting our first child and Jinhua doesn't have that great of a selection for shopping
  8. Hello everyone! I've seen all kinds of fruits in China that I've never seen before in Europe, yet I've never seen Medjool dates here (not Chinese dates). I used to have them almost everyday before I came to Hangzhou and I thought it won't be a problem finding them here because China offers a great variety of fruit... But no dates, apparently. Does anyone know where I could find them? I'm also looking for almond milk, all I've seen so far were regular cow's or skimmed milk..
  9. brennybear

    imported food(?) + jacket

    I'm going to live n study in hangzhou starting next month :D yay And i'm curious if they are selling samyang (korean instant noodle), banana milk, and korean brand icecream -my fav, The second thing i want to know is,, where is the best place to buy shoes, jacket, boots, sth like that Is it right to post it here? im a newbie
  10. Our new bags are now available for preorder at fantastic special prices. Are you struggling to find a place to buy good quality, fashionable, real leather handbags in China? Are you struggling to use Taobao to take advantage of the low prices and yet concerned at the quality and reliability on offer? Qulu Creations is a new online store selling premium quality leather bags at wholesale prices. We do this by taking advantage of the pre-order model and passing the savings on to our customers. Our team has many years of experience working in handbag industry and are determined to challenge the traditional thinking about brand and retail. Frustrated with the retail model, we want to change how things work, strip out unnecessary costs and offer our customers better value products. We use pre-order to match supply with demand for every product we make, and every product in pre-order will be offered in great discount. This creates zero waste and reduces costs. We pass these savings on to you. The price of all our bags will around RMB500-RMB1500. The same quality and design would cost you around RMB2000-RMB4000 on the high street. All of our bags are handmade form high quality real leather by master craftsmen with over 5 years’ experience. Each month we will post new styles on our website. If you are interested and want to know more, please visit our website: www.qulucreations.com. If you have more questions,[please send me private message for contact information]
  11. How can you buy or get stuff from Taobao without reading or writing Chinese? My spoken and written chinese is rather basic and I do not really get how can I buy stuff on the net. As far as now I use google translator and copy key words into search area. As a next step I do ask my chinese co-workers to complete the purchase. Is there a way to do it on my own?
  12. Hi, I am looking for 45+ shoes. I normally wear 47 but I guess 46 will be ok too. Does anyone have any idea where can i find big sized shoes in Hangzhou or in China? Thank You
  13. NickD

    Sweetened lime juice

    Does anyone know where in HZ I can get sweetened lime juice? Right now I'm having to bring it over from the U.S. Thanks!
  14. MichelleE

    authentic antique stores?

    I've been living in HZ for just more than two months. I've not had any luck actually FINDING antique stores. I've researched online, but when I go to the area I think the directions were kidding me. Does this "Hangzhou Antique Jianguanpin Transaction Market" on Yueguan Alley exist? Is this an open market? I'm looking for something different from vendors at Wushan Square. More along the lines of Shanghai's "Green Antiques": http://www.shanghai-antiques.com xie xie!! M
  15. Giles Wade

    Other Thanksgiving needs

    I see there's already a thread on where to get turkey (not many options for a cooked bird!), but I thought it might be worth starting a new one for other trimmings. In particular, I've looked in several places for cranberry sauce, but haven't had any luck yet. Does anyone know if any of the HZ supermarkets have this? And looking ahead to December's holiday meal.... I once found parsnips in Beijing, several years ago - but never again! Anybody have any ideas where I might be able to get some in China?? (Might import some seeds and start growing my own...)
  16. It seems most of the Banks here have their online payment / shopping / transaction procedure made Windows specific. Or may be I should say, Internet Explorer specific. Either they have some plugin / ActiveX stuff that does not works with other browsers or they have EXEs to be installed that does not work with other OS or they have some USB device / dongle that remains unrecognised (may be due to some driver problem) on a non-windows system. In that case, it would be nice if our members could share their experience / suggestion regarding getting things done in other OS / browsers (safari / chrome / Firefox). I might not be well informed but I am sure things are improving considering Chinese governments plan to develop and implement home grown Linux based OS. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21895723 .
  17. Hello everyone, Since my suitcase was already heavy enough comming in from Germany, I didn't bring a flat iron. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get one, preferably in Xiaoshan District? Thanks for your help! :)
  18. Another of my teaching problems is that I'm running the Film Department, and procuring the equipment was unexpectedly dumped in my lap at the beginning of term. Camera gear and tripods I've managed to sort out, but I haven't been able to find any camera stores or IT markets that carry sound equipment. We're looking for some Audio Technica shotgun mics (with accessories - cables, socks), and booms and mounts by K-Tek. I am beginning to fear I might have to go all the way to Shanghai to take care of this!
  19. The main stationery retailer my school is using is dead keen to sell us A4 ring-binders, file dividers and such, but they don't have any A4 paper to go with them! A4 pads seem to be fairly widely available elsewhere in the city (in Walmart, for instance), but never with holes punched for ring-binder use. Do any university or international school teachers have an answer on this one??
  20. This may be a rather obviously teacherly preoccupation (busted!), but... I haven't yet found an art shop that sells posters. I'm interested in Western art, Asian art, movie posters, photography, portraits of famous people... anything, really! Does anyone have recommendations?
  21. Hann101

    Hangzhou Greentown shirt?

    Hello, I'm currently staying in Hangzhou and am hoping to find a Hangzhou Greentown football/soccer shirt to send home to my brother as a souvenir. I'm having trouble finding one (even a cheap knock off) and was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could go? Thanks Hann
  22. Hi Expats, I will be due into Hangzhou by the end of August. I will be leaving all my lovely music gear in the states, but want to get up to speed ASAP once in town. 1. What is purchasing gear like in Hangzhou? I would like to get a "cheap" but servicable bass (preferably 6 strings, like an entry level Ibanez?) and a simple 61-key keyboard for my apartment. Any suggestions? 2. My other goal is to learn some traditional Chinese instrumental music in Hangzhou. Anyone know what the accessability is like in town? Which instruments are common to the area? I was interested in the Chinese violin or a harp/zither. Are those native to the area, easy to get a hand of and are teachers available? 3. What is the gig/jam session scene like? How much western/Chinese music? Bars? If western, is it more jazz? rock? other? Thanks and hopefully I might bump into some fellow musicians when I make it over there? Thanks, S-S