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Found 6 results

  1. gaga

    Dating with Beauty

    Man might think that few women fit him before his marriage, and contrarily when they get married,so when we are young, we should know more people to choose who suit us.Now big gifts to you!GaGa is an App for making friends with all over the world, here you can chat with handsome boys of German, American hot girls, Korea Opar, Japanese cute girls. Also you can make a beautiful girlfriend or handsome boyfriend.
  2. Puretaste(朴意小镇) Single's Party Time: Nov. 11 (Wednesday), 7pm-10pm Location: Puretaste in Xiaoshan (No 1, 372 building, Jinhui Road) How to register: http://www.hdb.com/party/6nl9-comm.html Registration Fee: 50 RMB per person (including food drinks and snacks) You will be immersed into party action with: - Blueberry Wine Tasting - Kinds of desserts,like Blueberry Pancake- Love games: fun and romantic games for single beauties and hunks - It’s the perfect way to find your better half!- Singles Befriending/Dating If you have any question,please let me know z_chenyang@163.com
  3. Hash #176 is the Back to School Hash. Hashing is a social running and/or hiking trail event with some silly games. You can read more on our website http://www.hangzhou-hhh.org/?page_id=2. Saturday (12 September) afternoon meeting at 2:30pm about 1km N-W of the N-W corner of West Lake! Note the new autumn meeting time of 2:30pm. For this Hash event, think forested hills, scenic views, (somewhat) ancient ruins, picturesque parks, monuments and fragrant tea fields. All followed by a few drinks and frivolity (and an optional dinner together too). Walkers/Hikers and joggers/runners are all welcome. At the end of the trail (back at the start point at about 5.30 or 6pm), we expect all participants to stay for 30 - 45 minutes of fun and games (drinking and some singing - but you don't have to drink beer, if you don't want to). After that, it's up to you if you want to stay for the jolly group Bash (dinner). We do hope most people stay for the dinner. Hashes are on whether it is raining or dry, so bring a change of clothes (and maybe shoes too, if it has been raining a lot during the week before). You can leave a bag at the start point. The Hares (aka trail setters) tell me that they have another awesome Hash trail planned featuring scenic and cultural sites you might never encounter on your own. Send us an email and we will send you the full details of this week's HZH3 Hash meeting location in our current HZH3 Newsletter. HZH3 Email Address: mismanagement [AT] hangzhou-hhh [DOT] org (NOTE: That's .ORG, not .COM) On! On! HZH3 On-Sec
  4. Hey guys I'm Vinnie, fairly new in Hangzhou I've been here around three months, anyway I'm Irish and tomorrow is St. Patrick's day which is a massive deal for those of us who hail from the Emerald Isle. If I were back home I'd be spending the day with friends at the pub but I haven't really found a group of people to go out drinking with yet, the teachers at my school don't drink or like to go out which is just horrific if you're Irish. If anyone knows of anything happening tomorrow night I'd appreciate a heads up. Go raibh maith agat.
  5. Hi. I will be arriving in Hangzhou in the middle of October. What are some other websites that allow me to connect to the Hangzhou community? I'm thinking of forums or sites like Meetup. Also, if you are a part of a Hangzhou group/club that meets on a regular basis, feel free to introduce the group. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Sports fans and Friends, I've been approached by the guys and girls of the Hangzhou Harlequins Rugby Union Football Club and some regular 5-a-side-Football/Soccer players about holding a mixed sports afternoon on Tue, 4 Feb, with a mostly social focus. I guess I am the contact person for the Ultimate Frisbee and Running/Hashing groups... This event is more for the members of these community groups, but if you're quite likely to join at least one of the groups, or really keen to network with Hangzhou's sporting community, then I'm sure you'll be welcome. Guys and Girls and Expats and Locals are all welcome. e.g. The Hangzhou Fish Hawks American Football team is welcome, of course, but they seem to be less visible than most of the other groups... The social sports afternoon will include some 5-a-side-soccer/football, touch rugby and ultimate frisbee plus I'm sure there'll be some other fun activities too. You can try a bit of everything, or just sit on the sidelines and meet some new people. SPORTS Date: Tue, 4 Feb Time: 1 - 5pm Take: Sports gear and maybe a change of clothes if you're going to get right into it. Water and Beer or your drinks of choice. Place: the 5-a-side-Soccer/Football fields on XiXi Road just to the north of the Yellow Dragon Stadium. Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/yieFM Baidu Map: http://j.map.baidu.com/MXOvT BBQ Date: Tue, 4 Feb Time: 5.30pm to late Take: Bring your own (BYO) meat or veggie patties or whatever. (Maya's kitchen will be open then, if you prefer that) Place: Maya Bar 玛雅酒吧 Address and Map: http://www.morehangzhou.com/venue/detail/maya-bar.html If you haven't already heard about this via the Rugby or 5-a-side-Soccer/Football groups, then please send me an email so we can have a rough guide as to the number of people attending. Email: HangzhouUltimate [AT] gmail [DOT] com Cheers and Beers!