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Found 99 results

  1. Yungu School (funded by Alibaba Partners) is born in the digital era and will create an open, green and sharing platform based on web via various methods, including Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. Yungu is connecting the world in the cloud and its roots under the ground in the valley. You can refer to our official website for more details about our school (http://www.yungu.org/Information/En/index) . Our great team of educators and engineers is working together to bring out the best of every child and to help more children to benefit from high quality education and blending wisdom and civilizations of both East and West. Address :Hangzhou, Xihu area, Jiangchun street, chunshen street, n.17 Yungu school Kindergarten Teacher: Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Participate in the curriculum design 2. Provide instruction that is consistent and coordinated with school’s instructional program so as to ensure that students meet and exceed learning targets 3. Develop and deliver lesson plans that utilize a broad range of appropriate teaching techniques and strategies 4. Address all aspects of communication through appropriate instruction that develops each student’s ability to read, write, speak, and listen in the appropriate content area 5 Adapt curriculum to provide individual, small group, and/or remedial instruction as to meet the needs of individual students and subgroups of students 6. Employ a variety of proven, research-based techniques and strategies for effective classroom management, lesson planning, active student engagement, and instructional delivery to meet different aptitudes and interests of students 7. Provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment that encourages student responsibility and incorporates challenging instructional strategies Supervises students in activities during the assigned working day. Qualification requirements: 1. Native English Speaker 2. At least 3+ years of experience in teaching English as the second language. Experience in early childhood education is preferred. 3. Graduate degree or graduate certificate in ESL 4. English Degree plus/including Teaching Degree or recognized equivalent strongly preferred 5. Teaching experience in China is a plus. 6. A sensitivity to the development stages and well-being of ELLs 7. The ability to incorporate current technology into the classroom environment 8. The ability to adapt to changing work priorities and maintain flexible working hours 9. Flexibility to co-teach with Chinese teachers • Base Salary: 20K/MTH—30K/MTH; • Housing Allowance: 5K/MTH; • Bonus: Annual salary of 13 months+End-of-term bonus. • Airfare Bonus: Round-trip • Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays off, Christmas and New Year’s Day off. • Annual Paid Holiday: Summer holiday & Winter holiday • Sick Leave: 2 days’ sick leave every term. • Insurance: social insurance and commercial insurance Contact me if you're interested
  2. Awesome_101

    English teacher/tutor here

    Hello! If you are looking for an English teacher/tutor, please contact me. I have an experience when it comes to teaching English to Chinese students. Hope to hear from you soon! :)
  3. Hello, I am a native German speaker and a foreign language. I am a German teacher in Hangzhou and would love to enhance my teaching skills by finding even more students to teach.
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Natacha and I am a native English and native French TEFL accredited teacher with over six years experience. I currently have a couple of availabilities for new students to teach online. I have extensive experience teaching children and adults from China, Russia, France, the UK and Colombia. I also speak fluent Russian, Spanish and some German, and teach etiquette lessons. Do not hesitate to get in contact if this seems of interest or if you have any questions, Very best, Natacha
  5. Rainbow International Kindergarten We are an International kindergarten located in Binjiang District of Hangzhou and we are looking for one more teacher to join the team. We plan to expand to include a middle school in the future as well. The school is located in a beautiful area of the city and is very convenient for living, shopping and seeing the iconic locations of the city, such as West Lake. Start Date: Late August 2018 Responsibilities: Students are 2-6 years old and you will work closely with 2 coteachers to plan and carry out lessons. That's four teachers (one English, one Chinese, one bilingual, and one life teacher) per class. This position is different from an English academy as it is not class after class after class of English lessons. Rather, you will stay with the students all day and reinforce what they are doing using English. You will be in charge of the English class (once per day) and developing a thematic curriculum with the other teachers. There is also PE, a special classes(art, music, math, dance, etc), outdoor play, lunch and nap times as well. Requirements: Teacher must hold a passport from one the countries recognized by the government as a Native speaking country in order to be eligible to apply for a working visa. Teacher must have 2 years of relevant teaching experience and must have a tefl/tesol certification (120 hours). Kindergarten experience or experience teaching young children is a must. Must be able to provide documents required for a working Z visa. Benefits: *PAY 13,000-20,000RMB per month based on qualifications such as teaching experience, education level, major, tesol/tefl certification, special talents, etc. *HOUSING A one room apartment will be provided for you within walking distance to the school or a housing stipend of 2000rmb will be provided per month if you choose to pick your own place. *Paid winter and summer vacation and Chinese National Holidays *Accident insurance provided *Flight reimbursement of 3000rmb given at end of contract [please send me private message for my contact informaiton]
  6. Hi there, [Urgent] One of my foreign friends is leaving a public elementary school due to some private reason.The school is now looking for someone to cover his position for the coming semester. It’s a public elementary school in GongShu district (hangzhou downtown)and the subject is Science in English. Teaching grades: 3,4,5,6 Grades. 12 lessons per week(full time, no office hour) If anyone is interested plz contact with him ASAP
  7. Hello! I'm native English tutor . I'm looking for chinese who want to be tutored personally or companies who need tutor to improve their oral skills. I'm native speaker of English and Spanish, also teacher of Korean and Italian with teaching degree and cambridge certificate . Recently located in Hangzhou. have few years teaching experience in different countries. Recently working Zhejiang University .[please send me private message for my contact information]
  8. Hi. I am C. J. , a mom of a five year old boy. I speak English to my son since he was born and he can now speak this language pretty well. I plan to start piano lessons for both my son and myself, and hope that we can have an English-speaking tutor. We live in Xiasha, Hangzhou. We can go to the teacher's home or the teacher can come to our home for the lessons. If you are interested in giving piano lessons to a mom and a five-year-old boy, or you know someone who are interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  9. Good morning, These rainy days are so boring, and I'm looking to fill a few hours of my day tutoring/teaching English or Math near the ShangCheng area. I have taught math from algebra to Calculus for 15 years at international schools, so I am familiar with English language development. I will return to my school in Europe Aug 10, so if there is a short term offer where I can help someone with their English, it would be my pleasure. Contact me here for personal details. Regards, JD
  10. Teaching English with High Salary and Great Environment Job Description: - Work Locations: Hangzhou - Schedule: flexible - Class size: small group ( 8- 12 students ) - Students: range from 4 to 8 years old - Starting Date: ASAP Job Requirements: - excellent accent - love children - ALL NATIONALITIES ARE WLCOME!! WE DIFFERENTIATE TEACHERS ONLY BY THIER TEACHING SKILLS!!!!!! No matter where you from, we pay equally.( 我们中外教同工同酬) - Experience? not required! - Minimum 1-year commitment for full-time positions or 6 months for part-time, short-term Summer positions also available Salary and Benefits for Full-time Teachers: 1. Monthly salary:8000-20,000 RMB ( hourly rate from 150 to 250), depends on the personal ability. 2. Sunday off + Free morning from Monday - Friday ( We barely do office hours) 3. paid vacation days and Chinese holidays per year 54developed opportunities 5.annual bonus Contact: [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. Hello! If you are looking for an English teacher/tutor, please contact me. I have an experience when it comes to teaching English to Chinese students. Hope to hear from you soon! :)
  12. We need a part time English teacher for a group of kids in Yuhang district, 2km distance from Hangzhou Normal University. Native/ European would be preferred, still people from other countries having good pronunciation and skills to teach children are also welcome to apply. We need as soon as possible. If you are interested, send me your cv or pm me for details. Thanks.
  13. Hi I am a masters student at Zhejiang University. I am currently pursuing a degree taught in English and am unable to take more Chinese classes at my uni so am keen to improve my level outside of class. I completed HSK5 two years ago and would like to do HSK 6 at some point in the near future . I would be interested in 1 to 1 tutoring. Any professional Chinese teachers near Zijingang feel free to get in touch.
  14. Training Center based in Hangzhou needs 4-8 foreign teachers as soon as possible. Requirements: • English speaking countries(USA,Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia) are preferred but candidates from other, mainly European countries ( Russia, France, Italy, Germany,Serbia, Ukraine) are welcome to apply and will be considered if qualified enough. • Teaching subjects: General English, Spoken(Oral) English Young Learners Courses (Phonics, pre-school English courses etc.), students (student exchange programs) Location: XiaoShan , HangZhou . Salary: Part time: 250¥/class Full Time: between 13.000¥ -20.000¥ ( depending on applicants' education, work experience, willingness to work over time or weekends and school's /company's financial capabilities ) For More information, please send me a direct message with your details( wechat account , e-mail,..)
  15. Hi,everyone.My name is Xiong Yinzhi,you can call me Easy.I work and live in Binjiang District,Hangzhou.I want to find a English teacher to teach my English on weekends,if you want to learn some Chinese I would like to teach you too. BTW,I like travel,hiking and photograph,if you want to make a friend in Hangzhou,I am waiting for you.Thank you!
  16. Hello everyone, My name is yang. I am from Canada but chinese by nationality. My college starts next year and until then I’d like to teach English for free. For anyone doubting my English, I’d like to say, I’m confident. In specific, I can help school students, beginner or intermediate English learners, or anyone preparing for TOEFL etc. Anyone from any age group interested in learning is welcome. Kindly recommmend this to anyone who wants to learn English if you see this. Add me on wechat- [please send me private message for my contact information] for further enquiries. Thank you.
  17. Abie English School based in Hangzhou needs foreign teachers as soon as possible. Location: Gonshu district, Hangzhou Salary: Full Time: between 12.000¥ -20.000¥ (depending on applicants' education, teaching experience,) Working time: 1pm-8pm(Dinner break) Days Off: Two days off Students: 3-12 years old kids Qualification &Requirements: -Bachelor degree or above / -Having related teaching experience(minimum 1-2 years’ teaching experience)/-Native speakers How to apply: [please send me private message for my contact information] About us ABIE, American Baby International Education Ltd. is a high-end American English education brand. Utilizing American public-school curriculum and cutting-edge products, ABIE focuses on providing a wide range of English language learning opportunities for children aged 3-12. Moreover, our international education group is committed to building comprehensive, diversified, and high-tech educational resources to seamlessly integrate with our wider educational services. Our motto, 'Better, Easier, Faster,' reflects our goal of assisting children in the development of learning, life, occupational, and social skills.
  18. In a few years ago China has increased its business in Brazil. Now its your opportunity to be part of those business learning Portuguese and getting easy relationship with countries who Portuguese speakers. I have availabity to teach portuguese, every evening and weekends. More information, please contact me: E-mail: williangmsouza@gmail.com WeChat: willgmsouza
  19. I am looking for a full time teaching position somewhere in Xiasha. Native speaker from the US, fluent in Spanish. If anyone knows of anything, please add me on wechat: antunyan Thanks!
  20. DancerMel

    Dance teacher

    Professional dance teacher with Master degree is open for new job opportunitys. Full and part time considered. Have work visa.
  21. DancerMel

    Professional dance teacher

    Professional dance teacher with Master degree is open for new job opportunitys. Full and part time considered. Have work visa.
  22. Professional dance teacher with Master degree is open for new job opportunitys. Full and part time considered. Have work visa.
  23. My Gym Early Childhood Education Center, the leading brand in the industry is looking for full time teachers. Currently we have 6 centers operated around Hangzhou (Wanda Shopping Mall, Zhongda In Time Shopping Mall, Fuxing Road, Chengdong District, Baolong City Shopping Mall, Xingyao Shopping Mall) and still expanding. To know more about My Gym, please check our website www.mygymchina.com or www.mygym.com Below are the criteria for the candidate: Chinese Nationality 1. Able to speak English fluently with CET 6 or TEM 4 certificate. 2. Love children and have passion in working in positive environment. 3. Have interest in sports, music and art. 4. Candidate with working experience and career oriented preferred. 5. Willing to work during weekend. Foreigner 1. Able to speak English Fluently (Native Speaker is not a must) with foreigner passport. 2. Love children and have passion in working in positive environment. 3. Willing to attend our Formal Training Process. 4. Reliable 5. Candidate with working experience and career oriented preferred. 6. Willing to work during weekend. 7. Currently residing in China. (salary offered 10K - 15k per month). If you're interested, please submit your application to hf.pongrekun@gmail.com. Application materials include: 1. Resume 2. Passport (Only page containing of your ID and Current Visa). 3. Recent Photo 4. Introductory video (min. 60' max. 3 minutes) As soon as we received your application, we will contact you so make sure that you have reachable contact.
  24. A training center in Hanzhou is looking for part time and full time teachers. The candidate should: -be able to stay in Hangzhou for atleast 6 months must have atleast 2 years teaching experience should be willing to do at least a 10-15 min demonstration class for free must have a good attitude and should be loving and caring towards children must be reliable should be a native speaker Salary- is negotiable depending on experience Visa- the school can refer you to an agency should you qualify for a z-visa although this will take some time working time 5 days a week from 2:00pm-8:00pm EN.joy is a marvelous training center located close to the prestigeuos mall called the mixc. please feel free to contact me if you are interested. Application materials include: c.v and cover letter passport recent photo introductory video(this is a must) teaching videos(if available) TESOL/TEFL Please send send me private message for my contact information
  25. Carmenvanderwalt

    Psychology english teacher position

    Good day I am looking for a psychology teaching position in Hangzhou. I have all the relevant qualifications that are needed.