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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings from Hangzhou! I am Danielle, with advanced English-Chinese interpretation certificate issued by Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006 and rich experience in liaison or conference interpretation. Interpreter/Translator Subjects includes but not limited to: Advertisement/Marketing, Agriculture, Apparel; Fashion, Business Services, Chemicals, Environment, Food ; Beverage, Furniture ; Furnishings, Gifts; Crafts, Health; Beauty, Home Appliances, Home Supplies, Industrial Supplies, Sports; Entertainment, Textiles; Leather Products, Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear, Toys, Transportation, Travel / Leisure. Feel free to contact get a quote for tour guide, fair/business negotiation or conference. Email: dfzhan@msn.com Regards Danielle
  2. At.DeliceGelato.fun.never.ends, this.weekend,and,the.following.ones,our,appointments.are: recycle.workshop:Sat.23rd.Aug,2pm.learn.how.fun.and.interesting.can.be.helping.the.environment!you.will.learn.how.to.make.furniture.and.tools.out.of.the.everyday.trash.free.event! Dry.Ice.Show: its.a.Physics/magic.show:Dry.Ice.is.extreamely.cold.solid.but.what.happens.when.interacting.with.other.materials? Free.Event.on.weeknd.of.30/31st Trip.at.xixi.wetlands:the.Shizi.season.has.arrived....join.the.delice.gelato.team.by.directly.going.to.pick.fresh.fruits.by.yourself,L Later.go.back.to.their.store.and.make.fresh.gelato.with.it! this.on.the.weeknd.of.the.7th.september(weather.allowing) price.still.to.confirm,includes:transportation.from.Xixi.wetlands.to.Delice.Gelato.store,entrance.ticket.to.Wetlands,all.you.can.pick.Fruits,and.make.gelato.with.the.fruits.you.picked. Follow.Delice.Gelato.official.Account.for.the.upcoming.details or.call:057189937632
  3. So this year I am planning on taking a month long trip to T1bet and catch a glimpse of Mt.Everest I'm posting to see if I could get any recommendations on how to take this trip and see if anyone is interested in coming along. I have submitted inquires to this travel agencies websites that Google gave me to see what kind of response I would get ( I searched "trip to T1bet" ) if any one has conferences plz do advice thank you, http://www.tibetctrip.com/?gclid=CPf-0JHOjL4CFZcTvQodwUEA3A http://www.T1bet-tours.com/ http://www.tibettravel.org/?gclid=CKWv0ZHOjL4CFZcmvQodeTwAwQ http://www.exploretibet.com/ The message goes as follows "Im interested in taking a month long trip (15-30 days) in mid July to T1bet and get a look at Mt.Everest and anything around the way to the T1bet, thank you for your time" I made it short and sweet and ill post the reply's if anyone is interested do contact me