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Found 4 results

  1. Neri

    Good bread in Hangzhou

    Hello everyone, Where can I buy rye bread or at least good quality (and not sweet) bread in Hangzhou? I live in Shangcheng district.
  2. manicom

    Mens Haircut

    Hey! Looking for a cut in HZ, lots of friends have had bad experiences after their trip to the local. Can anyone recommend somewhere used to cutting western hair? Thanks
  3. timloso

    Burger King: Where?

    I can't find a Burger King around here. I live at Qingchun Lu and Jianguo Bei Lu, around 35 Qingchun. I went to the Hangzhou railway station, couldn't find one (though internet says there is one there). I went to 260 Jiefang Lu (next to Ya'nan). There is a kind of strip mall of mostly restaurants that follows around a building there. #260 is empty. Tomorrow I will take a ride to 155 Dongxin Lu to see if there is one there. I'm feeling a bit more positive about this one, because I found it on a map that resulted from a Google search. It showed 3 locations, none too close to me; the closest is about 7 kms north of here, which is no problem on my e-scooter. If you know where there actually is a BK, please let me know. And it would be great to know where one might purchase a strawberry milkshake for a reasonable price. They used to sell them at China McD's way back in the day. I miss milkshakes, especially on a warm summer afternoon. Sad they don't go over well here.
  4. Hello everyone, I am very sadly having to leave my apartment at the end of May and am looking for someone to take over my bedroom. The apartment is new (but in an older building, fourth floor) and is absolutely beautiful. The kitchen and bathroom have many western features, including a microwave and small oven in the kitchen and heat lamps in the shower. It's a two bedroom apartment and you will be sharing with a lovely French girl with a busy work schedule. The room itself is also quite lovely, it gets a lot of light in the morning and is very cozy, with a double bed, a small desk area, and plenty of closet and storage space. The location is in Gongshu, close to Wenyi Road on Hushunan Road. I tend to take buses and have an easy time getting anywhere, plus the bus stop is right outside of the apartment building. It takes me half an hour to get to most of the places I meet my friends further west, then about twenty minutes to go directly to the lake area and 10 minutes to get to the closest subway stop (West Lake Culture Square). I also have no trouble getting taxis, at any point in time. The area is very nice, lined with trees, and lots of fruit shops, convenience stores, clothing shops, small food shops, and a huge supermarket right around the corner. The rent for the room is 2450 a month, and the utilities are consistently very inexpensive (internet has been paid for for the year, so it's just water, electricity, and gas). The lease only goes through September 15, and May 15-June 15 has been paid for (I'm leaving end of May) so there would only be four months remaining before you would be able to go elsewhere or resign the lease. The room has been a really excellent fit for me as I've gotten myself settled into Hangzhou, and so has my roommate--I'm sad to leave them and think it's a great option for anyone looking for a similar situation. I've posted pictures (I'm sorry they're small...tight size restrictions) and an attempt at giving you an idea of the location--If you're interested, have further questions, or want to see more please don't hesitate to contact me. If you'd like to get in touch, please send a PM and I can share my Wechat info with you.