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Found 16 results

  1. oleg

    Haida education

    Friends hello, Is anyone head ore work about Haida education company? Any feedback please
  2. I am Jon Kasimov, 27, and I will be starting my PhD at Zhejiang University this September. Since most of you guys have already experienced the ups and downs of living, working and studying in Hangzhou, I guess it would be wise to ask for your advice and suggestions. Can you guys please share some of your thoughts on living and studying in Hangzhou? I would very much appreciate your time and efforts and I do look forward to meeting you and becoming an active member of Hangzhou Expats group. Thanks very much.
  3. I am looking for a full time teaching position somewhere in Xiasha. Native speaker from the US, fluent in Spanish. If anyone knows of anything, please add me on wechat: antunyan Thanks!
  4. 你好 I'm Maria and I'm living in Hangzhou since about five months. I'm looking for a job as a teacher (german or English). I'm 18 years old but have a lot of experience about children and teaching. In Germany i was working as a nanny (also includes helping and teaching in English). I also worked at kindergartens and schools. Please contact me as soon as possible. Best regards, Maria K.
  5. Sales Supervisor Position for the City of Hangzhou General Duvel Moortgat Shanghai Ltd. (www.duvelmoortgat.cn), a subsidiary of the Belgian brewery group Duvel Moortgat (www.duvelmoortgat.be), is currently searching for a suitable candidate to fill the position of Sales Supervisor. The primary task will be to identify and establish new accounts and manage current accounts for the Hangzhou on-trade market. Duvel China is headquartered in Shanghai and has six regional offices throughout the country. Tasks Develop new clients and create a sales action plan to reach monthly targets. Prepare sales reports while reporting directly to the Regional Sales Manager. Follow up and push sales for existing clients while recording all sales activity in CRM. Manage distribution partners and execute marketing actions as directed by Shanghai HQ. Monitor draft equipment inventory and oversee machine installations. Provide beer trainings and tastings at client venues. Requirements Bachelor’s degree; Fluency in both English and Chinese, other languages are a plus; Relevant sales or F&B experience in China is desired; Independent and self-motivated with an entrepreneurial mindset; Excellent communication, presentation, and management skills; Familiarity with Hangzhou is a plus. Package Negotiable monthly salary Health insurance Work and residence permit Sales commission incentives How to Apply [please send me private message for my contact information] In the cover letter, please make sure to include: a professional profile photo, country of origin, current location (city, country), current visa type (if already in China), HSK level, and at what time you will be available to start the position. NOTE: Incomplete applications or applications sent directly to the company will not be reviewed or considered eligible for the position. Only applications through email to our hiring service here at Foundya! will qualify. If you want to stay informed about current news affecting expats in China, highly desired and well-paying job positions, great events and the craziest parties follow our Foundya! Wechat official account by pressing on the QR code below. Foundya! – 洋了帮 Helping you step into China
  6. Hello Everyone, My name's Josh and like the titles says I need an additional foreign teacher at my training school just over Fuxing Bridge (4th) on the BinJiang side. We are hoping to hire an experienced teacher to start work full time after the end of Chinese New Year Holidays, although we might be able to arrange part-time work transitioning to full-time starting ASAP. I have copied some information about my school below and anyone who is interested please feel free to leave me a message. Good luck on your job searches! P.S. we are also always interviewing for qualified Chinese staff to fill positions in sales, management, marketing, and teaching so if you know anyone qualified referrals are always appreciated. Cheers, Josh About Our School Parade English was established in 2011 and currently enrolls 160 students, a 500% increase since the current leadership team took over in 2014. We have a strong team of Chinese and foreign management and staff working together to create an environment of growth, cooperation, support and respect. Students and parents are attracted to Parade’s special character and its effective, student-centered and lively curriculum. Parade English is located in Binjiang, Hangzhou, a thriving area of one of the most exciting and interesting cities in China. In addition to being the headquarters of internet giant Alibaba, Hangzhou is home to West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is also China’s most famous tea-growing region. Hangzhou has a large and active ex-pat population, creating a welcoming community for newcomers from abroad. Because of our growth and success, we now need an additional passionate and dedicated English teacher. That’s where you come in! Below is information about our generous benefits, and expectations for the position. We hope to find another teacher who loves teaching and will relish the experience of living in China as much as we do. We aim not to be a stop along the way, but instead to be a home where new and experienced teachers can contribute to creating the best possible experience for our students, parents and staff. If joining a tight-knit team committed to a high standard of learning is attractive to you, please contact me at the email address listed. Job description: 1. Maximum teaching hours a 22 per week, plus office hours 2. 2 full days off per week 3. Class size limited to a maximum of 12 students 4. Most students range in age from 3-14 5. All teaching materials, resources, curriculum and support provided Qualifications: Preferred 1. Bachelor’s degree 2. Native English Speaker 3. Teaching Experience 4. TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certificate 5. Young learners or relevant teaching experience Salary and Benefits: *We offer a competitive salary range up to 11,000 RMB/ month plus a 1,500 RMB housing allowance. *Salary based on teaching experience and expertise. *Z working visa and Foreign Expert Certificate are sponsored by the school compliant with local laws. *A minimum of 22 paid holidays, including statutory and school holidays. *Accident and Medical insurance provided. *Contract completion and performance bonus. *Paid training prior to commencing teaching. *Overtime paid at 150 RMB per hour Documents for Application: 1. Current resume 2. A recent photo 3. Copy of passport date page 4. Copy of degree 5. Copy of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certification 6. Copy of Residence Permit if currently in China Contact Josh Parro Foreign Director of Studies [please send me private message for my contact information]
  7. Hello There. We are a young couple from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is a small city in comparison to Hangzhou and other chinese cities, however it is one of the larger cities here in South Africa. We have always had a immense passion for children and education, and have been working with children and tutoring for 15 years or more collectively. We would truly appreciate an opportunity to come an teach English in Hangzhou, as it is a wonderfully beautiful city and has so much deep heritage woven into the city & culture. We do not have our bachelor degrees unfortunately, however we both have studied for our diplomas in our respective fields. I, Tanzinne am a qualified chef with a Diploma in Culinary excellence and Kitchen Hygiene, I have been involved in tutoring and teaching disadvantaged children the basics of cooking and also been a leader in Christian Youth Ministries for children aged 6 up to 18. I, Darren am a qualified Apple Technician and have my Diploma in Music Education. I have been involved with youth ministry and have been a Youth Pastor ( Run the youth groups, organise lessons and events, teach at local schools.) and a youth sports development facilitator in various sporting codes. We are wanting desperately to be in Hangzhou by the end of October this year, to be teaching to your beautiful children and also to learn as much as possible about your wonderful culture and country. Although we do not have BA Degrees, we have a lot of experience with children and a deep passion and love for working with them, we would teach with a heartfelt enthusiasm and passion and we believe those qualities are worth more than a degree. Please find below our basic resumes and two photos of us. Kindest Regards Darren & Tanzinne.
  8. you can see my file to get detail. Thank u~
  9. job NOTICE A. changsha international kindergarten. Conditions as following: 1.10000rmb each month,. 2.Free apartment 3.5 to 6 working hours each works from monday to friday 4.Air fee will be reimbursed when one year contract finished, 5.Help do working visa, 6.insurance will be covered, 7.chinese statutory holidays will be paid, 8.Students age : from 2 to 12 years old, 9.How many they need: 3 or 4 foreigners. 10.When do they need:March(this year) Requirements of applicants 1.teachers from 25 to 45 years old, 2.Canadian, American,UK,australia or other natives would be preferred; 3.at least bacherlor degree,tefl or tesol holders would be preferred. 4.have teaching experience, [please send me private message for contact information] B. hei long jiang province jia mu si city Conditions as following 1.8000rmb to 12000rmb each month for salary, 2.around 27 teaching hours each week,overtime work will be paid, 3.800rmb for air fee reimbursement when one year contract finished, 4.Help do working visa, 5.free apartment will be provided,and part of fee will be coverred by our school, 6.statutory holidays will be paid, 7.insurance will be coverred, 8.10 to 60 students in one classroom, 9.Students are adults, 10.10to 60 students in one classroom, Requirements of applicants 1, teachers under 55 years old 2, Canadian, American,UK,australia or other natives would be preferred; 3,at least bacherlor degree,tefl or tesol holders would be preferred.No bacherlor degree or tesol will be considerred too, 4, at least one year teaching experience; this is in hei long jiang
  10. Hi there, I'm going to explain my situation about the Work permit process as I think it is unusual (or not?) I have been waiting my work permit for one month already, I mean, one month has passed since the company which is going to hire me began the application process. Now the process is at the second phase, after this there will be a third final phase taking additional 15-20 business days. So, the whole process is taking AT LEAST 50 days (considering the second phase is not yet concluded) Does anybody know how long does it take to get the work permit? Is it usual to wait such a long time? I kindly ask to anybody who may have information or advise for me to reply this topic, even to share self experience (different or similar to mine) Thanks to everybody Marica
  11. It’s the most reputed training school for kids. Here is the summary: Monthly Salary: 9000-14000 ($ 1440-2241) Weekly Hours: 14-24 Apartment: not included but will assist finding one Already has 23 native Teachers Location: Hangzhou, China Do you want to talk about it?
  12. Brock Forest 25, Male Canada I am looking for employment to teach English in Hangzhou. I have attached my CV with head-shot, and verification of degree. Ideally I am looking for 25~ hours a week to work and I will require a work visa with the job. Please do not hesitate to contact me through any outlet with any concerns or questions you may have. Skype: loltf4 E-mail: lolt.f4@gmail.com Cell: +1 (306) 716-8187 Résumé.pdf
  13. chenxiaoxiao

    English Specialist Wanted

    English Marketing Specialists Job Description l Promote product on social networking platform (Facebook, Twitter etc) l Contributing to the annual sales and marketing plan. l Plan the campaigns within timescales. l Writing advertising banner according to Google SEM l Answer or guide the customers’ online shopping, follow the problem order. Requirements of the marketing role l Fluent verbal and written English skill, good at MS OFFICE. l English-speaking countries foreigner required. l Ideally a degree & previous experience in marketing although not essential. l Strong and confident communicator. With attractive salary, If you have intention to apply for this position, please feel free to contact us at english-uk@ownonly.com or 18668429666 we’ll get straight back to you.
  14. hey everybody im new here on x visa i badly need to find a job, i am an english teacher with a 500 hour tefl degree from ITD college in Canada, two years experience with recommendation letter from the biggest IELTS teaching center in west of iran,can anyone help?
  15. Looking for translator who can speak and write fluent english and chinese. Once in a lifetime opportunity: You will be working with a boutique hedge fund/capital firm. This is an amazing opportunity not to be overlooked! You will be hired full time to translate directly for the legal representative and chairman, of which you will see how it is at the very top of an investment firm with a diversified portfolio, involved in everything from real estate, share/future trading, software development, DOTCOM/e-biz, financing, leasing and government projects around the globe (just to name a few). You will be involved in all board meetings and your experience in the firm will enable you to gain a career with us long term, get entry to big investment banking firms globally or succesfully start your own business. The experience you will gain will be life changing and teach you valuable investment skills that you can use personally. Furthermore not only do we invest in projects/companies but people and ideas as well! This means once proven yourself you will have an opportunity either to manage other peoples money or a business within a business of which you will have full support and funding at your disposal. Did you know in this career path people at the top make more money than fortune 500 CEOs? If you do not believe me research for yourself on google "hedge fund managers income?". Information is power! Act quickly this position will not last long. The only reason we need a replacement is our current translator has now moved to another sector within the company and is on her way to becoming a great success in finance, she is already planning to managing funds and plans to live on Wall Street in the future. The position is available to someone with the following: -Good speaking and written skills. -HIGHLY trustworthy, loyal and can keep discussions confidential! (most important) -Able to assist the legal representative as both a translator and executive assistant. -Strong presentation. -Organizational skills. -Responsible and punctual. -Someone seeking a career path in finance. Please note no previous experience in financial firm required. -Can meet deadlines. -Motivated, willing to jump in the deep end and think out of the box. -Can work 5 days per week monday-friday 9am-5pm office is located in Xihu district in class A building. -Wages are negotiable based on experience, education and motivation wage will be 5,000+++ - 10,000+++ CNY per month. (+++ is potential bonuses, commissions and more.) Contact Peter via email with a copy of your resume and short message explaining WHY you think your worthy of the position. Email: pj@suretycapital.com Thanks for reading :)
  16. Hello Hangzhou ! I have been offered a job in Yuhan Disctrict, more specifically in Gouzhuang industrial park. It is very far from the West lake, which I understand is where all the action (nightlife) is taking place. It is situated here : https://maps.google.fr/maps?q=Jiuqugang+lu,+hangzhou&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=fr&sa=N&tab=wl Does anyone work around there, or has any idea of much time it would take to commute to work if I chose to live close to the West lake (let's say Wulin square tube station for example, that would be 12km). Would it be very bad at rush hours ? If we don't consider the time to walk to bus stop and wait for the bus, is driving or taking a cab much faster than the bus in Hangzhou ? Google maps tells me about 25 min by car, but 1H20 to 1H40 min by bus (door to door). if I chose to live around Gouzhuang, what would be a good place ? Is there a lot happening there at night ? from what I have seen all the action seems to be happening near the lake... Any experience or thoughts about that are welcome. And hopefully see you soon in Hangzhou !