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Found 6 results

  1. hi everyone, a room is available in a 2 bedroom apartment situated just at west end of Xixi wetlands on west wen er road, near to the Alibaba campus. the apartment is spacious and clean, newly built complex, with a kitchen, washing machine, hot water , TV, sofa, WIFI etc. just outside the apartment complex is a bus stand to get the bus to the nearest metro station. if you are interested pls add my WeChat - [please send me private message for my contact information] address - 杭州市余杭区文二西路与荆长路交叉口昆仑府. please check the pictures below.
  2. Hi, Im Luke, im from England and a native English speaker. I used to live in Spain so also fluent in Spanish. So I can offer English or Spanish tutoring. I have two years previous experience teaching English as a foreign language to both children, teenagers and adults. I currently don't have any tutoring so I am therefore free during all afternoons/evenings throughout the week. If you would like me to teach you or your children, please don't hesitate to contact me. Luke PS I live in Yuhang so if anyone is looking for a tutor outside of downtown Hangzhou I can also help!
  3. BrazMan

    Yuhang District

    Is anybody around Yuhang district? Im the only teacher at my college and I'm going a bit crazy up here!
  4. Hello Friends, Myself Varad Pradhan, from India...moving to Linping on 20th April in a clinical research organization. I would like to know about primary schools with preferably english language teaching in Linping and around for my kid, 7 years old. Any help, guidance, feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanking everyone in advance.
  5. More than 7 years of Coaching diffrent kids levels, work in football clubs and academies, played in High Championship Levels, Graduated in Football Methodology Expert, offering classes/training football in Hangzhou. Second year in Hangzhou, Yuhang district. Please contact for more deails. Sports Regards
  6. Okay so I was one of the unlucky "stupid too" ones that landed up with unethical agents called Maggie & Leo and Hangzhou Yuhang Little Doctor Art Kindergarten here in Linping. For 4 months I had endless problems with the Agents and the school owner Mrs Li. They played me like a yoyo regarding my working hours, wages, overtime, extra lesson for extra pay etc. Turns out they are best friends so no one really had any intention of assisting me and finding a solution. I have so much evidence of all their little games they played, ducking and diving and lie after lie for 4 months. Long story short I finally had enough after they breached the contract / working conditions over and over and owing me thousands they had the audacity to still try renegotiate a new contract with the conditions that I work more hours for less money. They used words like we know you love the children here so if you want to continue working here you MUST.........I refused. Then they brought in another foreigner teacher (same agent) to try intimidate me into accepting their new deal. Naturally, I refused and so I resigned handing them a 3 page letter listing all the employment conditions breached AND I was nice to give them 1 month notice. Well then the threats, intimidation etc. got even worse and the day after I resigned the "agent" Maggie fired me via text message. So here I am they threated to hurt me, cancel my visa, force me to leave China, and that the landlord will come take back my apartment bla bla bla. I'm still here and they still playing hide and seek. All I need is my money and a release letter and I'll be on my merry way but it seems in China it doesn't work this way. If anyone reading this has any advise or ideas what to do next please let me know. I'm quite happy to stay and play.