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23 hours ago, varadpradhan said:

Any Indian restaurents in Linping? Plz...

There is very little chance of having an Indian restaurant in that area.

The few Indian restaurants in town are all far from your place.

Lalqila The Royal Redfort/红堡印度餐厅
011, 4/F, Power Long Shopping Mall, Binjiang 滨江宝龙城市广场4层011
0571 8195 1639
11am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 9:30pm

Chak De Indian Cricket Restaurant/查可得印度餐厅
202 Xinyifang Commercial Street 信义坊商街202号
133 0651 5830
11am - 11am

219 South Jianguo Road 建国南路219号(近斗富三桥)
137 5824 1903
10am - 9pm

Saffron Indian Restaurant/Saffron印度餐厅
1/F, Building 2, Four Points by Sheraton Binjiang, 868 Dongxin Avenue 东信大道868号杭州福朋喜来登酒店2号楼1楼
0571 8899 4575
11am - 10pm

Indian Kitchen/印度小厨
61 Nanshan Rd. 南山路61号
0571 8707 4777
9am - 1am

Mirch Masala /新度里印度餐厅
2/F, 51 Feiyunjiang Road  Google coordinates: 30.218005,120.17708. 飞云江路51号凤凰城2楼
0571 8581 5777
10am - 11pm

I do not like ChakDe's food. And I know Saffron delivers food as far as Xiasha so they might deliver to your area also. But dont you think that Tandoori Roti or Garlic nan after such a long time will seem to be made of Lycra fabric :)




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Yes, definitely. Tandoori roti or naan should be hot. Thanks for the information and most importantly, chinese addresd...will plan and visit these places.


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Lal Qila, Saffron and Mirch Masala are all near the river, in Jinjiang and Binjiang area.

Saffron is good. I tried Mirch Masala ages back and it was not so nice.


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