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Where to download Chinesepod for free

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2423 files(pdf +mp3)


The most complete collection of Chinesepod

Chinesepod Basic

Chinesepod Newbie

Chinesepod Elementary

Chinesepod Intermediate

Chinesepod Upper Intermediate

Chinesepod Advanced

Chinesepod Dear Amber

Chinesepod Qingwen 1 + 2

Chinesepod Media

I also decided to make a Consolidated PDF's collection to make the learning process better. You can also print books with the consolidated PDF.

It took many toiling hours in torrent to put this whole package together.

I was just tired of digging up bits and pieces.

I hope you enjoy the learning experience more than the downloading experience.

Quite frankly, I enjoyed both.

Yours truly,


Edited by Zhang

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Hey Zhang great post, though if I may add, for those who aren't able to connect to piratebay.se because of firewall restrictions, you can use a mirror server (if I can call it that...) http://tpb.piraten.lu/torrent/6344981/Chinesepod_Collection

Last time I checked, it was available without the need of a vpn. Also you can find Pimsleurs' pirated version on the website (according to several reviews, seems pretty good).

Anyway, just an info and thanks again for the podcast. For sure will give it a try.

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