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Translator needed ~ Exciting position in Surety Capital

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Looking for translator who can speak and write fluent english and chinese.


Once in a lifetime opportunity:


You will be working with a boutique hedge fund/capital firm. This is an amazing opportunity not to be overlooked! You will be hired full time to translate directly for the legal representative and chairman, of which you will see how it is at the very top of an investment firm with a diversified portfolio, involved in everything from real estate, share/future trading, software development, DOTCOM/e-biz, financing, leasing and government projects around the globe (just to name a few). You will be involved in all board meetings and your experience in the firm will enable you to gain a career with us long term, get entry to big investment banking firms globally or succesfully start your own business.


The experience you will gain will be life changing and teach you valuable investment skills that you can use personally. Furthermore not only do we invest in projects/companies but people and ideas as well! This means once proven yourself you will have an opportunity either to manage other peoples money or a business within a business of which you will have full support and funding at your disposal.


Did you know in this career path people at the top make more money than fortune 500 CEOs? If you do not believe me research for yourself on google "hedge fund managers income?".


Information is power! Act quickly this position will not last long. The only reason we need a replacement is our current translator has now moved to another sector within the company and is on her way to becoming a great success in finance, she is already planning to managing funds and plans to live on Wall Street in the future.



The position is available to someone with the following:


-Good speaking and written skills.


-HIGHLY trustworthy, loyal and can keep discussions confidential! (most important)


-Able to assist the legal representative as both a translator and executive assistant.


-Strong presentation.


-Organizational skills.


-Responsible and punctual.


-Someone seeking a career path in finance. Please note no previous experience in financial firm required.


-Can meet deadlines.


-Motivated, willing to jump in the deep end and think out of the box. 


-Can work 5 days per week monday-friday 9am-5pm office is located in Xihu district in class A building.


-Wages are negotiable based on experience, education and motivation wage will be 5,000+++ - 10,000+++ CNY per month. (+++ is potential bonuses, commissions and more.)


Contact Peter via email with a copy of your resume and short message explaining WHY you think your worthy of the position.

Email: pj@suretycapital.com



Thanks for reading :)post-12335-0-40815000-1385542199_thumb.p



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