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What I need is a designer and craftsman who can construct a new Panda helmet. (See below) I leave the design pretty much in the creators hand with some little input of my own. (Mainly so I can move freely, see clearly and be able to wear my headphones.) There is an insane amount of links on how to create a similar hat by the DJ who goes by Deadmau5. The friend who made my first panda helmet basically followed the many tutorials online. Here are a few links to give you an idea of what I want.









As for the materials, I'll be able to provide all that is needed. (Whether you want to go with the hamster ball, beach ball, lamp, etc.)


Initially I want one, but eventually I will need 4 to 5. (Each serving a different purpose.)


You will be paid for each creation, along with some other perks/benefits.


Any other questions, feel free to PM me or post here. Thanks.







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