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Moving from HZ to Shanghai, How to Bring my stuff??


I am relocating from Hangzhou, Xihu area to Shanghai at the end of October. I need a truck or a large car for my stuff. How do people usually do this? Is there a rental service? How much does it cost? Open to suggestions!



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Dear Sbones,


  My company Crown specializes in Relocations. 1/2 of the time we are moving people internationally so have professional packers and english speaking supervisors to help with the communication.  Generally the price is based on how much volume your goods take up.  You can check our our website www.crownrelo.com or call me 025 84541017 as Hangzhou is in my area.

Usually we would pack on the first day and deliver the next day in Shanghai. If you need time to find a house we have storage available but need to arrange it in advance.


Let me know if you need any assistance.



Simon Laing

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