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Converstaion Picked Up from Nightlife

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I guess a clearer version of my request would be just for some people to post some of their favorite European artists.


I'm admittedly lazy when it comes to classifying music. 

Anything that has frequency domain manipulation in it I tend to call dub, but I know that's usually a miscalssification...

It's strange when people say things "dubstep used to be good..." because to me the stuff from a few years ago was fad-ish and simple.

Today artists like the ones I mentioned are really creating new sounds that cannot be replicated with non-electronic instruments and using them as custom made instruments in arrangements that aren't really dub or trance or house or anything.

Like Knife Party's hugely popular song Bonfire (it was even used, poorly in my opinion, in a Breaking Bad episode) is a mash up of several genres most notable reggae and dub.


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I'll  get back to the topic later. Are you still looking at Europe as not including the UK?


Anyway, I strongly suggest you check the very respected label HyperDub... http://www.hyperdub.net/


Most of their releases are with UK artist, but they have also released tunes for a producer in my city 2000F (Denmark) and other non UK artists.


Actually I've been lucky enough to hang out with the label owner/producer, KODE9, twice. Once in Tokyo at a gig and once at... Maya Bar :) He has been performing in Shanghai several times.

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