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New HuangLong (Yellow Dragon) Cinema now open!

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Cool! I see that a new cinema has just opened up somewhere in the Yellow Dragon Sports Stadium Complex and it will show some international movies in English with Chinese subtitles!


I haven't been there, but it seems to be in the eastern wall of the Yellow Dragon Sports Stadium. i.e. on the HuangLong Road side. Or, maybe it's in the Walmart Shopping Mall?

I have also found that during November the DianPing discount ordering App has a 30rmb voucher that gives you a movie ticket + popcorn + a coke. It seems to be valid for all movie sessions at HuangLong Cinema during November except for "Premiers". Bargain!!!





See the attachments for more pics of the cinema and details of the DianPing discount voucher offer.










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correct, it's in the former hengli hotel on the east side of the stadium. In fact, I think that 2nd pic is basically what used to be the X1njiang restaurant in the hotel... 

I don't think I could see a movie there, though, because every time I went I would just be drawn to all those awesome flower girl bars instead

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I had a look today. It's actually in the basement area where there used to be a pool / snooker hall and another restaurant.


That cafe-like area is just downstairs on the right and the ticket counters and snack shop are right there too.


You can get a member card which gives you a 5rmb discount. Not to be used with other offers, I guess...





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