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Where is Pancho's?

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I went to Charcoal's BBQ for my birthday and I have to say it is pretty awesome! My boys each got a hotdog with fries, wife got a bacon cheesburger with fries and I got the pulled BBQ pork plate and a beer, with a sampler platter all for 235 RMB.

I'd recommend it to anyone!

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For people looking for TexMex...


The new Quesadillas at Vineyard are really tasty!


Add that to the other TexMex offerings and the rest of their big menu and there should be something for everyone!  :)



I was virtually the first customer at Charcoal BBQ and I loved the rib pieces (except for a few too many "hard bits" in the meat) and the big hot dog (although I had requested the Chilli on the side...) and my 2 friends really liked their pulled pork burger and cheese burger. The salad (Greek?) was a bit average though. Not "Greek" enough for me.


Glad to hear that other punters are getting a similar high quality of food there.


The TV reception and selection seems awesome too.


It should make sure other venues lift their game. As long as Chef Morne (excuse the lack of symbol on the e) can stop the Chinese management from Chineseafying it too much. Keeping the music at a background level is a good thing.




PS. One weak point was the beers, I tried 3 of them, which all had a bit of a strange edge to the taste (some more than others) and also seemed over aerated... I just put it down to the equipment being new... Hopefully they will improve and be on a par with the food.

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I like Pancho's food. They had to close because of metro construction. The government gave them a notice just a couple of month prior, they had no chance to find a descent new place so fast. Just hope they will re-open one day.

It is not true management didn't care of the business! I saw both or one of them, Alex or Tetiana, almost every time i was there. Despite on Mexican food is not really for vegetarians, they did care about vegetarians, made changes in the dished every time i asked to. They also were very friendly to big parties at their place.

If your point is some waiters careless, cmon, you cant just blame Pancho's on this! I had to force a waitress at Eudora (twice expensive) to wash her hands after she went to toilet, regret i didnt complain the management. While at Nanshan lu Slim's is pretty clean since the owner is there, in Star Avenu Slim's (3 times expensive comp.to Pancho's) i saw a waiter researching his nose holes with his fingers, i gave up to go there after that though was a loyal client for a couple of months. But it doesn't mean those 2 places are terrible, and i'm sure at Nanshanlu Slim's you can't find a waiter like that since the owner is there. The owners can't supervise any single local staff, and it will take years and a lot of government propaganda efforts to beat off the dirty habits from people! Besides, in some European countries it is also ok to fart in public yet we all blaming China solely for this.


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