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Hangzhou Expat

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I want to buy an accoustic steel string guitar.

Does anybody have experience with buying a guitar in Hangzhou?

What is the quality of the Chinese guitars?

What are the good brands and stores?





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I bought two in HZ


here is my experience


Chinese copies are not so good

Guitars in China are more expensive than in UK (import tax??)


If I could I would prefer to buy used guitar after trying it out and meeting the seller. Bring a Chinese speaking friend if it helps.


Good luck



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What's your price range?

I would recommend taobao. I bought an electric guitar and it was OK - needed some adjustments, but then again, anything under 1000$ does.


So, if you have experience with setting up guitars, try taobao, just check some guitars that have a good review, and try to get something above 800 kuai. The music teacher just bought an electro-acoustic for 850 and it's OK (action could be lower, not OK for fingerstyle, but he only plays basic chords anyway, but you can fix that anyway by cutting the bridge a little).


If you want something top end, then why would you even ask about Chinese guitars, just look for Martin or Taylor or something like that online (I wouldn't buy it in Chinese stores since I've seen some really good copies (visually) of anything on taobao).


But if you want something low-end or medium priced, then go for some Chinese copies, an Ibanez V series won't get you further in any way - it's also made in China and it'll be more expensive.

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oh buddy I miss Martin D28 and Gibson J200 back home.  Here, I bought a classical guitar - "Merida" and it was made in Guangzhou, I believe.  The music teacher connected with our store got me a decent deal...use your connections... my advice is be adamant about your price range.  They'll thrust all kinds of good stuff (and/or expensive)...but then you play the middle shelf items and they're quite similar.  And ask yourself how long you think you'll be here?  How much quality do you need if something better is waiting back home?  


Some decent guitars, they'll cost upwards of a couple thousand kuai. Or like Hammer said, you can do some basic adjustments too.

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