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Photography lectures *IN ENGLISH*

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Hello forum:

So yesterday I met this guy, he told me that lots of his friends, including himself, are very interested in improving their photography skills. The problem is, there is simply no English photography lectures available. That's about to change now.
I am a photographer dedicated in portraiture, fashion, wedding and travel photography. My work was on Fotomen magazine (摄影旅游,摄影之友), Travelers and Photographers Magazine (摄影旅行), Vogue Italy web feature, and several others. My art projects were exhibited in galleries in North America and China. You can check out my work on 01graphy.com
I can provide lectures in English, teaching from the very basics,  to lighting skills and post processing, depending on the skill level of the majority of the students. If anyone is interested just let me know. Lectures will be held on weekends if I could manage to gather enough people to make this happen. Of course, it will neither be free, nor ridiculously expensive.


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