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Hangzhou Expat

Hi everyone

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Hi everyone,

My name is Sofiane, from Lyon in France ; and I just arrived in Hangzhou. I will study at the School of Management of ZheJiang University (Zi Jing Gang Campus) for the last year of my MA program.

I have already been in China in 2013-2014, for the last year of my BA, at Xiamen University (which was a amazing experience).

I am sure living in Hangzhou is more than worthy, and I am really excited to start from scratch again in a new city in China.

By the way, if you have any advice concerning flat rental areas (considering that I will study at Zijingang campus), I am open !!


Good luck to every new guys in HZ.


See you !

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HI,Sofiane.Welcome to Hangzhou.I lived in Hangzhou for 5years,I finished my school life last year.I can show you around in Hangzhou,cuz I live on WenYi Xi road which is near your Zijinggang Campus.If you are interested,[please reply here, or send me private message for contact information].

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    • Hie can I have your contact details   
    • We are a  work studio, the location is in Caihong Cheng Binjiang,Hangzhou .  We have  several  students  who 6 years old for two class. Looking for a native English speaker who from Europe,Oceania ,America  to teach English via play games. two times a week( Tuesday and Friday evening) , and working time :17:00--18:00.18:00-19:00,We wish 350rmb for two hours. With related working experience is preferable . Are you interested in? 

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      if you interested in this ,pls contact me. My wechat :13588881967
    • Hello everyone!  After the fun process of working with the visa offices I think I'm finally close to being finished and will be moving over to China.  I will be working with a company that is introducing American Football to the Youth.  I will first be staying in Shanghia for few weeks and then eventually moving to HZ.  My office will be based in the Xihu district.  I would like to join the WeChat group and also like to know any information about the area that y'all are willing to share.  Thank you in advance and I look forward to this adventure.
    • should be that any different than having sex with a chinese woman?
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