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Welcome to Martial Enlightenment Pilot Episode.

Martial Enlightenment is an up and coming television show, which will document and feature martial artist from around the world. And explore how martial arts helps the individual as well as the community.

Our first guest is Randy B. Haskins, Sensei founder of Underground Alliance Martial Science Research Association. With a guest appearance from Randy wife Leila E. Habib-Haskins M. Ed.

Click one of the links below to watch the episode...

Youku:                      Youtube:

To contact randy - Http://

To contact Wanda or Jason -Http://

The Service - Http://
Nelson Molina Jr - Http://


Martial Enlightenment Logo.jpg


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    • Last wave . Single service apartment near Gongshang university and zhejiang university xixi and yuquan campus for rent. Good location and convenient life. The price is 4000 per month.  if you are interested, please contact me. It should be the last wave for this semester. regards Mary
    • hi  Is this room still available ?
    • is this room still available ?
    • Hey thanks for getting in touch with me. Much appreciated. I found a new place so im all good. Hopefully some others who are looking can make use of the extra room.