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Dear all,

Happy new year!

it's again Stammtisch time. 

I would like to invite you to our international group. Join us, have a drink and get to know some people from Hangzhou. 

We meet this time in college bar (学院餐厅 (Yugu Road) 3 Lanjia Wan), Saturday (18.2.) at 7:30 pm. 

Lokking forward to meet you. If you have problems contact me (DieJurHz)

regards Jules 


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Any plans to meetup now we are into the new year. I've just arrived and this post seems really friendly.

Thank you



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Hi,   so the next meeting is tonight DieJur?  I may go. I will ask a colleague as well if he wants to join. we are new here so this could be fun. How to find you once there?


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Dear both,

please use my WeChat ID from my message before and contact me.

You are welcome to join us. looking forward to meet you the next time!


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