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Yellow mountain query

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Hi Dear expats

Basically I want to upload couple of pictures in facebook. I am looking for a specific type of location. Well, looking for an exceptional place in the high mountain where I, together with my wife will be at the same height with could and take couple of pictures there.

Please refer to the attached snap which I found in google. I want something close to this picture. My question is if I can get this type of environment in cloud valley (there is a place called "cloud valley" there) of anhui yellow mountain, or do you have any other place in your mind where I can get this inside China and close to Hangzhou.

Wait, I am not finished. I have some cardiovascular problem which sets me back from climbing. So, I must have to get a cable car wherever you want me to go to get what I want. Please help me.



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I’ve been to Huangshan. Mountains are there but I think you’ll have to hunt for the clouds at the right altitude. There are also several cable car lines available to take you up.


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