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exercises for cellulite

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hello guys, i'm a mother of two, 34, living in Hangzhou. for years i've been battling cellulite with creams, diets running.

Nothing ever worked well for me. who can help get rid of this problem? who suffered and but overcome it?

do you know any special exercises for cellulite that can help me?

 please help,

any advice is appreciated. 

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You can look for this "Lymphatic drainage" but as far as I know (I have a doctor that takes care of skin in my family) it will help to reduce it, but you can't get rid off it... it's a little bit complex the way it is built in your body, related to the sugar and other things you eat... Some woman have more than others, but he says everyone has it.


He said this Lymphatic drainage is able to improve and help the women, but won't be 100% solved! 

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It always helps to pay more attention to what you eat and how you live your life. btw: This is not a cure but if you do the following it will certainly help you a lot


Things you can do:
+Eat more whole foods (More fruits, more veggies, etc...)
+Drink more water (clean water, please don't try drinking Chinese tap water)
+Try to eat some kind of raw whole fruit at least once a day
+If you could buy organic veggies/fruits more often that would certain help but very hard to do in China.

-Avoid processed food as much as possible. (packaged foods, foods that were processed in some kind of factory, white flour, bread, noodles, white rice, minimize your usage of cooking oil) instead of those things you can steam some sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes for a healthier alternative of carbs. 
-Try to lower your consumption of meat, fishes, eggs, milk and other animal byproducts, these types of food create a lots of acidity in your body and they usually contain the highest amounts of fat and protein (a lot more than what regular folks require). People with a lots of cellulites are easiest to find in countries where people eats a lots of processed food and also eats a lots of meat: basically people with a typical Western diet.

Staying active:
You don't need to go to the gym everyday and have extreme workouts you should just try to be more active in your lifestyle, sometimes the stairs instead of the elevator, take more walks around the neighborhood, spend more hours a day on your feet moving around dancing, doing house chores, etc.... Having an active lifestyle is much healthier than having a sedentary lifestyle then trying to make up for it by going to the gym once a week or twice a week.

Even if you manage to find a lymphatic drainage place in China that is called if you don't change your dietary/exercise habits it will only be a quick fix (like a band-aid) and you might end up facing the same problems again in the future. think long-term, don't go on a diet and then as soon as the problem is solved stop with it, take your dietary habits seriously and stick with it.

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On 6/1/2016 at 1:03 PM, nadia1612 said:

spend your cellulite treatment money on spoiling ur husband, it'll make a better result hehe

We got a winner here. 

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An "Traditional Yoga Camp" is going on here just opposite to Taobao city everyday in the morning or evening, this camp will lasting for 3 months(Oct-Jan 15th) n now one month almost gone, but I think it's useful for you especially you need to tune your body-mind complex, and loose your muscles and joins first, otherwise all the efforts will not work on you. So if you are interest in then just give me a reply.  PS: It's not for free but only need to pay for the place rental.

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