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Cordially Inviting you to join us this Fall on 23rd October for an exciting Gala Event "ART ONE NATION" showcasing "FIVE ELEMENTS OF NATURE" in various Performance Arts such as Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Djembe, Contemporary, Capoeira and many more.

To Purchase your passes, please contact us on

[please send me private message for my contact information]

Early Bird Discount offer on VIP & Economy Passes till September 30th.

Economy Pass - 230RMB


Please share the details with your friends and family.  


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"To celebrate the beautiful spirit of art, RGC invites all dance enthusiasts and art lovers to join us in Hangzhou this October for an exciting never before seenGala Event - Art One Nation on October 23rd -showcasing the Quintessential five elements of nature - FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WOOD & WATER in various performance arts. 


Acts to look out for :-


ATS - American Tribal Style Belly Dance

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance


Odissi - Indian Classical Dance

Kathak - Indian Classical Dance

Semi Indian Classical Dance

Capoeira - Brazilian Martial Arts

Kalaripayattu - Ancient Indian Martial Arts


Djembe - African Drums 


Currently offering a special promotional price on Economy Passes for next couple of days. Actual price is 280RMB/pass but if booked within the time frame then it will be 200rmb/pass. and if purchased in group of 3 then its 500rmb/3passes.


Gala Event Venue

Zheijiang Science & Technology Mueseum Lecture Hall

4th Floor, South Gate, A-Area

West Lake Cultural Square,

North of Zhongshan Road,

Xiacheng District

Hangzhou, China


Address in Chinese : 浙江省科技馆 ,杭州下城区西湖文化广场A区南门4楼


Entry time : 18:45pm onwards

Event Time : 19:30PM onwards


The Auditorium Doors will close at 19:30. Please arrive before that and be seated.


This will be followed by an exciting workshop on 24th October by international Tribal Fusion Belly Dance artists - BINDU BOLAR a.k.a Tribalina (India) & SALOME (China)


Workshop details :-


24th October 

Bindu Bolar - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - 3 hours - 10:00-13:00

Salome - Tribal Fusion & Zills Basic - 2 hours - 14:30-16:30


Package price - 688RMB only

Members signing up for workshop will get a discount for GALA EVENT TICKET at just 180RMB/Pass


Workshop Venue

Studio address:  江城路水门南弄3号锦绣工坊1513 ; Suite 1513, Jinxiu Gongfang, #3 Shuimennannong, Jiangcheng Rd.






[please send me private message for my contact information]


Please note :- On spot ticket selling is prohibited at the day of the event. Please contact us and pay online prior to the day of the event. We will provide you with booking reference number by mail upon payment. Attendees need to show this at the entrance to get their passes. Entry  for the event is prohibited without the tickets. 

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