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Hangzhou Expat

500GB Xbox One w/14 games, 2 Controllers, and kinect

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Purchased in and brought from Canada, therefore it is not the heavily restricted/censored Chinese machine.
I still have the original Canadian (North American) power adapter as well as a properly functioning original HK power adapter that works 100x better than the poorly cooled  crap ones that are in most stores here.
- The 12 included physical games include:
Fallout 4
Rayman Legends (A great game for 2,3,or even 4 players. The wife LOVES it!)
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Star Wars: Battlefront
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Watch Dogs
Battlefield 4
Tomb Raider
Forza 5
- Kinect games:
Shape Up
Kinect Sports Rivals

I'll even throw in the season one of "Banshee" Blu-ray disks as a gift. (Awesome show)
Most of my newer games were purchased online (without issue) and are system installed. The memory will be formatted of all my accounts upon delivery.
Both controllers are original and out of the box with no frailties.
Connected to our large television the Skype feature also worked wonderfully to teach online from a distance.

I am leaving for Canada sometime in the spring/summer next year and have no time for it, nor space to carry it along home with me.

I can only sell as a full kit and am asking 3500 RMB.

Coming soon:
- 55 inch Samsung 4K TV
- Trek Mountain Bike
- Midea Oven
- Electric "Fireplace" heater
- Vacuum
- Ukelele
- Assorted Board Games and High Quality Puzzles
plus plenty more...

Feel free to inquire.

Contact me via PM


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45 minutes ago, LoL Addict said:

Is this or some similar offer still available? I'm highly interested. And does anybody know if League of Legends will ever be available on console? I've recently bought a lol account from https://rankedkings.com/lol-accounts  and spent some bucks on it but I'm soon leaving my PC :(

Lmao are you just really this dense? The post is from 2016 and he would leave the spring after that.. 

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