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Sobie's creative art workshop / January 14-15 / Impression Art Gallery

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I will run a creative art workshop in the Impression Art Gallery in Hangzhou for 2 days on January 14/15, 2017, which is located in the Yan An Nan road, just east of the West lake.
The fee for the workshop is 700 Rmb, for 2 full days, including material.

The workshops will be held in English and Chinese.
Application deadline is January 9.

You can find more information, and apply on www.sobie.net/workshops


'For anyone pursuing ambitions in art it can be quite a challenge to develop a personal and distinctive style, to establish direct contact with one's work, a genuine connection.

We organize creative art workshops with a strong focus on searching, experimenting, tearing down the usual boundaries and looking beyond, and this in a contemporary framework and a positive creative atmosphere. During this workshop we will digest a creative program to this concern, in which I will motivate you to explore, challenge your decisions, go through some helpful concepts of expressive drawing and show different ways of using oil paint and brushes.

The workshops are oriented to adults who already have a certain artistic background, whether educational or autodidactic, and want to reach out further. If you've never drawn or painted before, or if you are only interested in traditional art, then this workshop is probably not for you.'









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Sobie, do you know of any other art-related workshops conducted in English in the near future, or some galleries / culture centres / theatres that do that kind of thing? My interest is mainly in performing arts (theatre, film, dance).


Thank you!

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