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    The “Made in China” Anti-Tour for Expats Visiting Hangzhou
    Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2016

    Posted on Friday July 08, 2016

    Publishing my first book
    Posted on Friday June 17, 2016

    49 schools to be set up in next 3 years in Jianggan
    Posted on Monday June 13, 2016

    Kissing Cultures
    Posted on Thursday June 09, 2016

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    • Consider somewhere like Thailand for this type of major surgery You do not want to go through it more than once
    • Thanks for the reply m8. This policy about only native speakers being able to teach English or any other language legally is beyond stupid and extremely unfair. Being from a certain country does not say anything about your abilities as a teacher. I dare say it might even be beneficial to learn from a person who is not a native speaker as we understand how to actually learn the language as opposed to a native speaker who just "grew up with it". Sure, a native speak probably has a greater understanding of the language as a whole, but you would have to be studying at a pretty damn advanced level for that to make any difference.  Anyways, thanks for the advice. 
    • Hey guys,  planning to travel to Philippines for CNY. Last time I traveled, I had 2 blank pages on my passport, but only 1 remaining after I got my residence stamp for this year. Can I travel to Philippines and back to China as they typically just red stamp for entering and exiting the countries? I still have room on the other pages that have been stamped for coming and going to Hong Kong, Philippines, China. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers, Nutty Nomad
    • I will check and confirm voltage tomorrow, I know it was the six cell we bought in November so it's pretty heavy but lasts very long. We have never been stopped by the police even when they were doing checks at intersections (except for telling me to get off because only one person allowed on the bike) and have asked around and there doesn't seem to be any problems around the legalities about this look in particular, but if you want to be completely sure maybe ask a local who is clued up about this.   If you'd like a test drive them pm me and we can set it up 
    • We normally drive about 50 km before it needs a charge and can reach 55 km/h, I've never tried to go faster    You are more than welcome to take it for a test drive, drives like a dream