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Hello! I'm 20 yo Russian dude who came to HZ to work. Currently im bored awfully and would really like someone to show me around ) Also need an advice on where to go in Hz (speak fluent english and russian, know french) 

contact me on wechat 


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Looking for a job ? The job is looking for you too !  Please UPLOAD/BUILD your resume first → HERE.


I am Aisha. In Hangzhou for a few days from Washington DC. Would you have any recommendations on where to hang out on a Saturday night?

Thank you in advance. 



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    • who need french teacher please contact me
    • Hii. Thank you! Haha I literally had a talk with Jack yesterday and he told me about it! So will definitely come check it out in the near future ;)
    • Hi Chris, Theres a jam session at Hard Rock Cafe downtown Tuesday evenings that draws some folks. If you get on stage and sing or play you get a free beer. It's getting to be well attended. Whether you get up on stage or not there are some drink and food specials and a good crowd of folks      
    • "basiacally being from SA puts me in no position to judge nor do I care where youre from" Shenme????? PM sent.. I've known some Bear people... but I don't think they're there anymore. Americans and farts... OMG - the worst I ever met was one who RAVED about how great the USofA is... and then asked me about which uni I went to... he was fishing, and so I asked him about his... "*I* went to Harvard" snooty snoot.... biggest wanker I've ever met! (but, my other American friends did say that they hate those types that make them all look bad...).   Is it possible to have a universe where there are no hypotheticals?
    • SH.. did I say anything about how a party as supposed to go down? I'll wear my glasses and get my nerd on so gimme a challenge will ya? :p haha pssh playing the victim I see.. basiacally being from SA puts me in no position to judge nor do I care where you're from but I've noticed that some americans think their fart doesn't smell.. so I'll invite you okay Aussie!  Haha and I agree on the food.. a little let down from what im used to but oh well life's great anyway right? :p  I work at Bear American* how bout you? Mmm well I definitely use it for my rock music lessons and regarding the math.. you can say some of it's so hard you need something to crack your skull and call it a day! Haha well that escalated quickly..