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Coming to Hangzhou soon

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Hi, I'm planning to arrive in Hangzhou soon after Chinese New Year (although still also considering Shenzhen, would be interested to hear from anyone who's been there and how it compares to Hangzhou). I'm an Engineer but want to teach English part time here while working remotely for my employer in the UK.

I'm from a small city called Bath in England, have been to Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

I'm looking for accommodation near the centre so it would be great to hear from anyone who has a room to rent or has any advice on the best places to look,






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    • Hello, My name is Cici, I am a 31 year old qualified Chinese and English teacher. I graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology 2007, Major in English. I have been working in Global International Foreign Trade since, whilst also teaching foreigners Chinese. I have been teaching English and Chinese to students of all ages for many years now. I currently live in the Jianggan district, I am available evenings and weekends and can arrange lessons at most locations in Hangzhou. My fee is 80rmb per hour for General Chinese lessons and I can provide a flexible and tailored course based on each students requirements. If you think I can help you then don't hesitate to contact me, just send me a message here and I''ll back to you as soon as I can. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)
    • Hey Everyone, If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me.  I currently live in the room.  Wendy forgot to mention the +150rmb per month per roommate fee for security (7000rmb for the year). And, if you don't pay this expensive security guard fee for the ENTIRE year's bill 5 months early, they shut off your water without warning for 5 days. Which was a nightmare.  Also, Wendy conveniently forgot to mentions that utilities aren't included.  The last two months were 605rmb.  PM me for more info, I can let you know everything you need to know. 
    • Please chime in, my voting-but-not-speaking friends. I am curious as to your reasons for voting the way you have! Has anyone been to either of these universities? The curriculum guide I received today for NBU's program is about 90% in Mandarin, which could be telling. There was also a refusal to give out completion rate statistics, the suggestion that I would only be considered for the Ningbo City Scholarship if I  had paid a year's tuition in advance, and I was informed that the Zhejiang Government Scholorship is not available from Ningbo University (NBU). Further inquiries have been made to both admissions offices.
    • Hi everyone, I will move in Hangzou after CNY with my wife. Will be nice to know where are the nice place to live. Nicolas
    • Why, yes! As I mentioned, if the document originates from outside of China it has to be authenticated. At least that’s what I’ve been told.  By diploma I literally mean just a piece of paper from an accredited University stating that you have earned BA, MA, MSci, MEng, PhD or what ever degree.  They collect your information such as dates, student ID number, etc and apparently have the means to verify it. When I was submitting my application I saw someone with diplomas from University of Edinburgh, University of Melbourne…