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I'm planning move to Hangzhou at the end of February. My name is Tanya, I'm from Russia. So wanna understand a little bit situation in Hangzhou for expat before come there.


Thank you.

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Hi Tanya,

What do you mean by the “expat situation” exactly? In short, there are quite a few expats, restaurants serving Western food and supermarkets carrying imported goods, but I think your experience will be defined the most by which part of the city you are going to live in. 

If you could specify what you are interested in I could try to give more specific answers. You can also DM me in Russian. 

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    • Hey everybody, my name is Darren and I am from Canada. I will only be in Hangzhou for one month completing medical internship. I'm hoping to explore the city and its surrounding regions while I'm here. So let me know if any of you are down to meet up to go exploring/sightseeing, shopping, or just for a drink!
    • @JDubI tried joining the group at the top of this thread but got a system error back. Is there a new WeChat group started? thanks!
    • You can get Australian beef at Ole' or at Metro.  Ole' also has Canadian beef but it's pretty expensive. You might also try ordering food online from Fields.  They'll deliver to your door and they have Australian beef too from what I remember.
    • I can't speak for the others but I enjoyed the food at Mango Thai Restaurant.  It's a little pricey but the food is good.  It's located in the mall near Ding'an station I believe.  You'll know it's the right place when you see the Awfully Chocolate restaurant/cafe/dessert shop outside. On a side note, they have some of the best cakes I've had.  Definitely recommended.
    • I'd also be interested! What WeChat group are you referring to? Also, how competitive will it be?