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My Sell Off - TV, Oven, Bike and more...

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- Samsung 55’ UHD 4k Television (with wall mount). Purchased about 15 months ago at Gome with a warranty that runs until September 2017 this TV is in great condition, has an amazing picture for watching YouTube, playing Xbox, or even enjoying a few 4K pirated movies upon.
There is however an issue of about 5 pixel sized black dots on the screen that are a result of fruit fly like flies crawling (and dying) between the image screen and the front shield. I’m sure they can be removed with some effort, but I haven’t the time to do so.
Still have original box and genuine remote control (with free batteries – Yay!).

Purchased at 6300 and I am offering it for 4000 RMB.


- 500GB Xbox One w/14 games, 2 Controllers, and Kinect with television attachment. As posted previously, with the last offer disappearing from the city I will add it again here. This was purchased in and brought from Canada, therefore it is not the heavily restricted/censored Chinese machine.

I still have the original North American power adapter as well as a properly functioning original HK power adapter that works 100x better than the poorly cooled crap ones that are in most stores here.

- The 12 included physical games include: Fallout 4, Rayman Legends (A great game for 2,3, or even 4 players. The wife LOVES it!), Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Star Wars: Battlefront, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Evolve, Tomb Raider, and Forza 5
- Kinect games include: Shape Up and Kinect Sports Rivals.
- The Microsoft store works fine (especially with a Gold and EA access account which immediately adds a over a dozen free games and counting.  

I can only sell as a full kit with all the games and am asking 3500 RMB.


- Midea 1800w 38l Oven, red. Bought new in-store (not on taobao) 2 years ago and used no more than 2 dozen times. It’s fairly clean with the exception of some grease spray stains at the top, and cooks as good as you can expect an oven of this sort would. Excels when making pre-frozen French Fries, improvised Christmas dinners, nachos and cookies.

Purchased at 950, and selling for 300 RMB.


- Collection of board games and puzzles. All purchased in Canada with the exception of Pie Face which I grabbed off of Taobao.
These include: Ticket to Ride - 125 RMB, Anniversary Classic Edition of Monopoly - 125 RMB
Anniversary Retro Edition of The Game of Life (one corner of the box is split) - 100 RMB, Carcassonne - 100 RMB,
Abalone - 75 RMB, and the stupid Pie Face game. - 50 RMB.
I also have three 1000 piece HQ puzzles purchased from Amazon for 160 RMB a piece, but will sell for 75, and one 2000 piece purchased @ 260 and selling for 110 RMB.


- Trek Skye Women’s Bike, Seegass Misty Jade colour, Size 13. Perfect for people between 150 cm and 165 cm, we have both used this bike to visit nearly every corner of the city. Purchased in February 2015 we have kept it well maintained, although it needs a bit of truing on the front wheel. Will throw in my ‘park tool’ floor pump.

Purchased for 2300 but will sell for 900 RMB.


- Allen Electric ‘faux fireplace’ space heater – Beautiful, especially in wintertime, this heater can be exceptionally hot and can blow heat at various levels. Inside it has faux orange flams and logs to add a little northern comfort to your winter.   

Purchased for 580, selling for 350 RMB.


- Noisy 1600w vacuum cleaner. It’s not a Dyson, it’s a Puyun! Fairly powerful, small, easy to clean, but noisy. About the size of a very large house cat with wheels and many accessories it comes with the original box.

Bought on Taobao for 260, will sell for 150 RMB.


- Brand new Ukelele. Simple beginner Ukelele, including case, tuner, and introductory lesson book (Chinese).

Bought for 350, will sell the whole set for 250 RMB.


- Photographic or lab dry box. For keeping camera supplies (or what ever else needs a dehumidified environment) dry and free from potential mold and fungus. It's kept our things in a safe <25% humid environment for 2 years.

Purchased at 450, will sell for 300 RMB.   

There may be more to come... we'll see.
All prices are negotiable.
For pickup please note that I am near the east train station, about 8 minutes walk from Xintang merto station.
For more information or photos you can PM me here

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