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Happy new year ,everyone:happy:

My name is  Wendy,living and working in hz .My english is just so so but can talk with foreigners orally.  I ve been in hz for  about 10 years ,including study and work experiences. I'm really kind ,friendly and perhaps a little pretty with true disposition and feeling.Otherwise  I like art, photography  and  other interesting things. In the past ,I chatted with some foreigners both man and girls,I like different culture ,food and new  kind friends,but sex or other commercial things are not what i want.

So if you like simpe friendship as me ,It's  pleasure to meet you.My chinese is very good ,while my local living experience will be  helpful.

I will be on expat  at least 4 days a week ,so you can easily  contact with me .

Let 's  be the better one with  humor and honest:happy:




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I am a frequent visitor to Hangzhou. I come at least once a month for a week or so and stay at the Double tree Hilton Hanzhoudong, near Jinshahu Line 1. Let me get to the point.. what are doing today evening wed Feb 08... I am not looking to do anything in particular.... just talk... have dinner and make friends... let me know OK you can write to my email gore_dimdim@yahoo.com

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Hi Wendy I'm new to Hangzhou female from South Africa I would love to make friends with locals. I'm in Binjiang District please contact me.

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