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Hi guys,

I'm moving to Hangzhou next week from Jinan. We have a couple import stores here including Ole. I was wondering if there are any equivalents in Hangzhou? I'll be living in Yuhang district.


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Most of the supermarkets in Hangzhou will offer a small section with imported foods. Below you’ll see the names of several of the large supermarkets which offer imported foods.


1.     Hangzhou Tower {Dasha} (Wulin Square downtown)


2.     Sam’s Club (close to Xixi Wetlands)


3.     Metro (2 locations-North HZ and East HZ)


4.     Carrefour (Yanan Road)



Another option is to consider ordering food from Shanghai. Several of companies offer delivery service to HZ every week.  


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The Ole equivalent is BLT in Intime Pingshui lu. Unfortunately, it's not really good (only rates as 'ok' in my books).

The name Ole was already taken, so.... (I got this info from one of the managers in a Shanghai Ole).

There's also a new-ish import only place opened on XueYuan Lu - opposite the language testing centre, between TianMuShan Lu and HuangGuShan Lu/WenSan Lu.... again, not great (especially for what I buy).

I think there's an import shop in the EAC complex.

There are a number of threads on the various merits of each of the supermarkets mentioned.


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