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HangzhouDong area near jinshahu station

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That's Xiasha district, and there's nothing within walking distance. Doubletree Hilton has a great breakfast buffet, but the internet is horrible--even worse than normal Chinese mainland standards.

The good news is your'e only a 3 minute walk to the Jinshahu station. You can take the metro toward West Lake. 25 minutes later, you can get off at Fengqi Rd station, and it's a 5 minute walk to Wades (163 Wulin Rd, good food) and a bunch of places on Changshou Rd (Hardrock, Midtown, etc). Continue to Ding'An Rd station, and it's only 10 minutes to Eudora Station (101 Nanshan Rd, live band on weekends, decent food). The subway closes early, so if you're out late, you'll have to take a taxi home. (Don't forget to bring your hotel Chinese address card if your'e Mandarin isn't top-notch).

Unfortunately, the best concentration of nightlife is on the north and west side of West Lake, and taxi's the best way to get there (Maya Bar, College Bar, 9 Club, Wade's on Wensan, etc). It will be 30-45 minutes to get there.

Taxi service in Hangzhou is notoriously bad. Don't be offended if the first few taxis don't stop for you.

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did you find any cool spots for Hangout yet? I am in Hangzhou for a few days (West Lake area) and looking for a place to hangout this Saturday night. 

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