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Hi all!

Firstly, let me say that it was a great relief to find that a forum such as this exists for people to communicate with and help one another settle down in the awesome city of Hangzhou.


Secondly, let me introduce myself. My name is Rey and I am moving to Hangzhou (flight is this evening) with a friend of mine (Steve) from South Africa. 

We both recently graduated from our degrees and are coming to Hangzhou to teach English at public middle schools. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially with regard to finding an apartment!




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Looking for a job ? The job is looking for you too !  Please UPLOAD/BUILD your resume first → HERE.

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    • Greetings learned ones , Recently I decided to resign my current teaching position and gave 2 months notice . The company requires me to cancel my visa at the end of the notice period . Drat! as I had thought I might keep the visa but alas no . I would like to stay in China for a while as a tourist and would also like to keep up apartment during this time as a base. Can I keep the apartment as a tourist ? Thanks in anticipation.................
    • Hey, I'm leaving Hangzhou soon, and I'm selling an e-bike: used one and half years 5 batteries removable batteries (include trolley to carry the batteries) ¥1500 Contact: 13735548527 (wechat id: shihariel) If you are interested, please PM me or contact me 
    • LoL there is one sitting outside my apartment .. bet its one of the broken ones.  I do like yellow though....
    •                                                                            néng shuō huì dào                                                                            能      说    会  道 能说会道:silver tongue 1.tā nengshuohuidao nǐ kěndìng  biànlùn búguò tā。 他非常能说,你肯定辩论不过他。  He has a silver tongue.you will never  beat him in debate.   2.wǒ rènwéi wǒ shàncháng zuò xiāoshòu,yīnwéi wǒ duì wǒmen de chǎnpǐn hěn liǎojiě ,érqiě wǒ fēicháng nengshuo huidao. 我认为我擅长做销售,因为我对我们的产品很了解,而且我非常能说会道。I think I would be  good in sales ,cause I know our products well and I have a silver tongue.
    • Look for the yellow bikes and just push the lock thingy. Often it automatically opens for some reason and you don't have to pay ;p