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Hello everyone, I'm moving back to America and have some things I want to get rid of.  First priority is a bunch of cat things.  I was originally planning to stay here longer and bring my cat to live with me, but something came up and I have to move back instead.  So all of these cat items are brand new and unused, I just opened the boxes to take pictures for you.  There is a nice cat tree, two scratchers - one sisal and one cardboard, two small bags of cat litter, a plastic donut toy and quite a lot of cat food.  I am a health conscious person and I'm picky about what my cats eat, so most of it is good quality canned food, but there is also a large bag of dry food.  Here's the breakdown on the cat food:

  • 6kg bag of Meowstard (American brand) dry food
  • 24 small cans (80g each) Meowstard brand wet food, mixed flavors
  • 14 small cans (85g each) Schesir (Italian brand) wet food, chicken & apple flavor
  • 24 large cans (170g each) Natural Balance (American all-natural brand) wet food, mixed flavors

Overall this would be at least 3-4 months supply of food for one cat.  For all of the cat things together I originally paid about 1000, asking price for all of it together is 650.  I would prefer to sell all of the cat stuff together, but if you are interested in individual items please contact me and we can talk. Taking all of it will get you a better deal, though. Here are the pics:



I am also getting rid of an electric bed heating pad size 180cm x 200cm, as well as a Joyoung brand slow masticating juicer and a really nice food dehydrator.  The heating pad goes under your sheets to make your bed nice and warm during cold weather.  The juicer and dehydrator are only lightly used, and they both work beautifully.  The juicer does great on all kinds of fruits and vegetables, even leafy greens.  I use the dehydrator to make special vegan snacks, but it's also great for beef jerky, nuts, veggie chips, and dried fruit.  (Usually I mix the pulp from the juicer with a binding agent like flax seeds and then put that in the dehydrator, it makes interesting crackers.) Here are some pics of these two items:


Prices for these items:

  • Heating pad - originally paid 100, asking 50
  • Juicer - originally paid 380, asking 200
  • Dehydrator - originally paid 680, asking 300

PM me if you would like to purchase any of these items.  Thanks! :)


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