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College Counseling Positions

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Who we are:

Nanson is an education consulting corporation based in Hangzhou, China. We deliver education consulting services to help students realize their dreams to study in top universities overseas. Our offices are located in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Ningbo, with connections to secondary schools and universities in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and several other cities. Our consultant group includes experienced Chinese consultants with overseas educational backgrounds as well as seasoned foreign consultants who have adapted to Chinese culture.

Where we are:

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, and Ningbo

Responsibilities (Full Time):

Counselors provide direct, individualized guidance to talented students regarding every step of the college application process, including but not limited to:

•           academic planning

•           school selection

•           extracurricular activity design

•           personal statement and essay proofreading

•           school admission interview preparation

•           overall portfolio management

Compensation (Full Time):

Base: Negotiable

Housing allowance: Negotiable

Bonus: If you perform well, you will get a nice bonus from each successful case, maximizing your income.

We also provide:

•           Job/ industry training

•           Housing Allowance

•           Visa

•           Social insurance

•           Paid annual leave

•           Paid physical examinations

General requirements:

•  Passion for education is a must

•  BA/MA Degree from American Top 50 College/University preferred

•  Fluency in English (required)

•  Superior writing, critical analysis, and communication skills

•  Proficiency in Mandarin (preferred)

•  Teaching experience (recommended)

How to contact us:

If you feel the job is right for you, please send us your resume, your photo, and a cover letter addressing your interest in working in education in China, as well as a writing sample (creative or academic papers are acceptable).

[please send me private message for my contact inforamtion]



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Hi, i'm an Italian Teacher living in Hangzhou. I'm not graduated from a top 50 american universities, but i'm a experienced teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching in primary and middle schools.

Does your program includes Italian universities or just US ones?

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