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I'm looking for someone who is interested in running a school but also has experience teaching. 
You would start as a junior partner and over the next two years move into a full partner arrangement.
My school is fully functioning now and generates a healthy profit.
My challenge is that I need more time to travel.
If you are interested in staying in the Education Field, have strong fundamental teaching experience, genuinely want to teach kids and help them learn, and want to work for yourself, then send me a private message and we can discuss it further.

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    • -10000 yuan per month.                                   -2000yuan accommodation.                           -25 hours per week.                                              - you should be a fluent English speaker and hard working. If you are a NATIVE please add my wechat: droflegacy123 
    • Never heard of it happening in Hangzhou. Judging from the number of young Eastern Europeans here, I'd say a large percentage of people are working illegally (either teaching or "modelling").
    • Hi all, I am Calvin Wan from the Netherlands. Moved to Asia 6 months ago, currently staying in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan district. I moved to Hangzhou 4 months ago for my work. I frequently go to the gym and like to travel around to explore new things. I can speak Dutch, English, Cantonese and learning Mandarin now on the job. Furthermore I can speak basic French and German.  Happy to make some new friends around, as I hardly know any people here.  Greetings, Calvin 
    • The one at the station is gone for quite some time,  I guess 2 years?   I'm not sure where u can check because I always used to go to the one close to the west lake. 
    • I can't find a Burger King around here.  I live at Qingchun Lu and Jianguo Bei Lu, around 35 Qingchun.  I went to the Hangzhou railway station, couldn't find one (though internet says there is one there). I went to 260 Jiefang Lu (next to Ya'nan). There is a kind of strip mall of mostly restaurants that follows around a building there. #260 is empty. Tomorrow I will take a ride to 155 Dongxin Lu to see if there is one there.  I'm feeling a bit more positive about this one, because I found it on a map that resulted from a Google search.  It showed 3 locations, none too close to me; the closest is about 7 kms north of here, which is no problem on my e-scooter.  If you know where there actually is a BK, please let me know. And it would be great to know where one might purchase a strawberry milkshake for a reasonable price.   They used to sell them at China McD's way back in the day.  I miss milkshakes, especially on a warm summer afternoon.  Sad they don't go over well here.