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Apollo Restaurant

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Wen San Lu is well-known as the Electronics/IT street in Hangzhou. Till now, though, it hasn't had any western eats. Nary a KFC. But that's changed now. This week, in the new Household Goods Supermarket on Wen San Lu (between Moganshu Lu and Xixihexia) a new McDonald's and a new Chinese-western food place have opened. It's at the corner of the first light west of Moganshu Lu. McDonald's needs no introduction, but right next door is a "western food" restaurant called "Apollo". It's a typical Chinese-Western food place (service that tries too hard) and a menu that tries to "recreate" both Pizza Hut and a 1000 Chinese steak houses, but to be fair, the pizza is actually pretty good. Good crust, enough cheese, but still skimpy on the sauce (like every other non-5 star joint in Hangzhou). So if you live in that neighborhood, or are shopping the e-marts on Wen San Lu and need a western food fix, skip the Macca and duck into the Apollo right next door. (P.S. They have salad, but it's BYOSD if you like anything other than 1000 Island or Mayo.)

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    • a kind of decent man,: Dan Tan. The same guy saying that touching boobs was a common trait of white guys?
    • You do face a difficult choice, as almost all cities with large (western) expat communities are whether very polluted (Beijing) or crazy hot in Summer ( Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, but also Beijing can be very hot in Summer).
      I'm living in Xiamen. It's hot in Summer, but it's a very green city, there are trees literally everywhere and it's at sea side. For China it has few pollution.
      But there are only few expats here, a couple of 1000 I have read in some article. I only occasionally see other expats here, but as a British you might like that there is a among expats well known British Pub, where you always can meet some expats.
    • No, i don't. Hell, even most piano teachers are terrible. That is why i said being technical is just a small part. And i think we're in an agreement at the moment. Still looking forward to hear you play though
    • Hi everyone :) I would like to play volleyball, any game during spring festival? 
    • Hi y'all. Were returning to HZ for cny for 2 weeks and I need ideas to keep me and the boys away from the dreaded in-laws and their freezing apartment for as much time as possible. Its been a while since we've been back so whats good for young kids now? We don't really wanna be trawling malls all day. The boys love being outside or being active.  on another note we've secured a car to borrow but how strict are the cops with foreigns driving? driven every time we've been back before without issue but getting wary of the government clamping down on foreigners doing illegal stuff (no chinese driving license for me) thanks in advance pps did Maya bar ever reopen somewhere new?