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nancy mandarin

Free Mandarin class .you worth it

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Are you new to Hangzhou ?do you feel worried and hard to communicate with chinese?  do you want to make your chinese life easier? 

       Today I want to spend my weekend free time to help you with your mandarin ,anyone who freshly come to Hangzhou ,I can give you 4 totally free classes. the first two hours class is pinyin,,after this you can grasp the ability to read .second class is about  practical daily expressions includes greeting ,shopping ,bank ,restaurant .I can guarantee that you will  feel clear and more confident after the language guide.

     Other foreigners who are interested in improving their chinese can also get 4 HOURS FREE CLASS, just keep touch with my WECHAT: [please send me private message for my contact information]

     see ya on weekends.



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    • Don't have the problem. And like Hippo above, I usually want some things for my backpack,a nd others for the plastic (or, for BLT, other bag). What does shit me off is how socialising is more important than doing your fkn job! This is a regular thing... chatting away with someone, rather than scanning/weighing my stuff and letting me get out of the shop and on my way! 请,今天要走了...,
    • Requirement: one handsome boy mainly to uplift the restaurant outlooking offering advice to hance the restaurant businesss-running parttime job 6pm -8pm daily workplace; around westlake near Longxiangqiao subway station  feel free to talk to me privately
    • Hey hey, a Spokanite here.  Good to see another Washingtonian around!   (don't you love explaining over and over how it's not DC? hehehe)
    • Saint, read your longer post just now.  I feel you on a handful of points.  I get a little disgusted with myself sometimes, at how quick I am to generalize.  And yet, time and again, people reaffirm the the reputations/stereotypes/etc...  Then there's the frustrations of having a balanced discussion, about say politics.  On a date recently, I said I didn't like "Wolf Warrior 2" (or 1) and the lady's reply was: "It made billions in the box office, how can it be bad?" Sigh.  Alright.   So, I feel like the voice and reasoning I've developed for so long is shut up here.  I'm not opposed to all things Chinese -not by a long shot.   But I don't want to be scolded for having something to drink with my meal, or doing light exercise to sweat/cough out the remnants of a lingering chest cold.  No doubt it goes both ways - foreigners are quick to prescribe, and America is the classic example of the last century of imposing its will without taking much consideration for anyone else. To blend with what Hippo and some others were saying, it gets hard to trust people.  Haven't met so many Chinese that really cared to just pass time with me.  They want English lessons, an actor for an advertisement, translations, help with university admissions, a mix-raced baby, etc.  

      And then I start going around with this chip on my shoulder.  It's not good.  But it also gets me by without feeling disappointed.  I get to where I need to be and spend the time with the people I feel are worthwhile.    I try my best to give people a chance first, but I just know to be weary and watch for signs.

      All of this said, it's really important to keep finding the pleasures of daily life.  I think for me that means, designing a life that has growth and challenges (your career, learning Chinese...), but also time to enjoy easy going activities (coffee and book, watch a football match, bike ride...).

      Be well guys!