Meet U(FREE): Meet new friends from different nations and experience the distinctive trips in HZ together!

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Hi, we are HEYBUDDY, a nonprofit organization created by a group of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS from Hangzhou Foreign Language School, which is aimed to help foreign friends better immerse in the cultural life in Hangzhou.

In each trip, we would make our efforts helping you meet with city helpers in different one-day trips of Hangzhou.  

You can choose to request a small tour guide (well, our members) to participate in and be the guide of you. 

In the last, the cost of each activity would be shared by participants. The price is not too high and can be seen in our WeChat Official Account. As the intermediary, HEYBUDDY does not change any money of our own. 


August 17th, August 19th, August 21st


write postcards to the future you in a cafe, where is famous for cats/ walk the historical block/ create you own pottery/ go shopping/ escape the room......


FREE (cost of certain events like eating and stuff would be shared by all equally. 

Places: Many interesting places listed in the picture


Ask me any question if you have.



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Looking for a job ? The job is looking for you too !  Please UPLOAD/BUILD your resume first → HERE.

I'm sorry about the inaccuracy of words and have already modified the description! If you still have doubts about that, please feel free to say anything. 


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12 hours ago, jlsummer said:


If you are interested in the event of pottery or others, please send me private message for my contact information. Then you would get to know more information about that. 


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