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hey,guys,do u like Chinese Calligraphy ?it is an art. Most people are attracted by its unique abstract and sublime. Picasso once said that if he was born a Chinese, He would have been a calligraphy artist rather than a painter. 
Every stroke of Chinese calligraphy is permanent and incorrigible, demanding careful planning and confident execution which are the skills required for an administrator. 
 now,my new studio is already opened,the name of my studio is LEZHIZHAI, and there are two big classroom for people to practice the calligraphy and one nice tea room for people who like have some good chinese tea .

my studio is also good for the people who love callegraphy or just like to meet and have some tea,and its a good place to have a party.i welcome you to come and experience the chinese calligraphy and tea for free,if you r looking for a good place to have party,also talk to me.
Teaching Objectives 
1. General impression of Chinese calligraphy which includes its long history, main types and its culture deposits. 
2. Actual and Solid skills of creating different piece of Chinese calligraphy. 

Class size: 
Class is given in small group, with no more than 10 students in one class. 

Class Time and Length 
Class Time:. From Monday to Friday: 19:00-22:00; Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-22:00 
Class Length: Classes of different length are available for you to learn.


4、address:second floor,1016-1018,dongxin avenue,binjiang district,hangzhou








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