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Hookah bar or Shisha bar here in Hangzhou?


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Dery PMed me (cos I didn't notice his reply...).

But, yes, they are around and easy to find...

IIRC, College Bar near Zheda YuQuan has (or maybe it was the bar next to College???)

Or, if you go out west (XiaoHeShan), there are a number of middle eastern restaurants that also do Hookah - and the food!!!go to XiaoHeShan GongChe Zhan (ShiMa Cun) and head up the hill on the side road (ie, NOT LiuHe Lu) into Shi Ma cun (石马村), and (by last count) there were 4 places (although, one was closed for holidays... I presume he'll be re-opening soon).

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Is there anywhere where one can get a bong? I don't want to smoke some cherry bullshit. I want to smoke the boogie woogie. You know it, I know it, the naked man running down the street juggling his testicles knows it., So what it is? 

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Where are you, and how far are you willing to travel?

XiaoHeShan has a few restaurants that have hookah (to cater the the many international students from the Middle East and North Africa).

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