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    The “Made in China” Anti-Tour for Expats Visiting Hangzhou
    Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2016

    Posted on Friday July 08, 2016

    Publishing my first book
    Posted on Friday June 17, 2016

    49 schools to be set up in next 3 years in Jianggan
    Posted on Monday June 13, 2016

    Kissing Cultures
    Posted on Thursday June 09, 2016

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    • The one at the station is gone for quite some time,  I guess 2 years?   I'm not sure where u can check because I always used to go to the one close to the west lake. 
    • I can't find a Burger King around here.  I live at Qingchun Lu and Jianguo Bei Lu, around 35 Qingchun.  I went to the Hangzhou railway station, couldn't find one (though internet says there is one there). I went to 260 Jiefang Lu (next to Ya'nan). There is a kind of strip mall of mostly restaurants that follows around a building there. #260 is empty. Tomorrow I will take a ride to 155 Dongxin Lu to see if there is one there.  I'm feeling a bit more positive about this one, because I found it on a map that resulted from a Google search.  It showed 3 locations, none too close to me; the closest is about 7 kms north of here, which is no problem on my e-scooter.  If you know where there actually is a BK, please let me know. And it would be great to know where one might purchase a strawberry milkshake for a reasonable price.   They used to sell them at China McD's way back in the day.  I miss milkshakes, especially on a warm summer afternoon.  Sad they don't go over well here.    
    • Hi Everyone and thanks to Jake for letting me know its cool to post here.  If you love Italian then you'll be happy to hear this news. We've been in China 17 years and excited that our newly launched D'Mario's homemade Italian family recipe delivery biz is off to a great start. Right now we're focusing one super authentic, unique dish - traditional eggplant parmigiana, meticulously prepared, available in 1kg tray delivered to your door in Hangzhou and surrounding cities as well. Feel free to inquire on any biz/catering/promotion/event ideas you may have to work together as well. We'll be doing plenty of catering / dinner events along the way.  Cheers and thanks kindly, Mario 'n Nana
    • How far can it go on one charge? How fast does it go?
    • Hello. I work part time at a training center like school teaching the little kids, from about 3 to 12. I do my thing there, and there are about six or seven other people there doing the same thing. One of the teachers is here on a business visa. I have told him and he knows that this is illegal and he can get into a lot of trouble of caught, if all the horror stories are seemingly true. Big fine, deportation. Deportation would suck for this guy because he has a brother or family member in another major city. I have told the boss lady the same thing. You shouldn't hire teachers like this, it will bite you in the ass. She is Chinese and won't listen to a foreigner, and again what I read is on the Internet, but places like Beijing and Guangzhou do raids periodically. I have never heard of raids in Hangzhou. I personally can't think of why many people would want to work full time making maybe 10,000 a month, and then have to shell out 3500-4000 for an apartment, so basically working 20-25 hours a week for 6000 after housing chasing little kids about, and then having to save for airfare home or worse, on visa runs dealing with the government and why one is constantly in and out on business visas playing a game. Has Hangzhou ever had school raids? I have never heard of it.