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Small Differences

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I noticed they don't have ground floor button on elevators and it starts from 1st floor, so basically ground floor is counted as the 1st floor

Any other differences you guys noticed?

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1 hour ago, Umut said:

I noticed they don't have ground floor button on elevators and it starts from 1st floor, so basically ground floor is counted as the 1st floor

Any other differences you guys noticed?

Well on this topic, many buildings have no 13th floor, nor any ending in 4 since it's unlucky. So. 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,15...etc.

So pay attention, sometimes you think you will be higher up then you actually end up. Lower floors tend to be more humid, more bugs and more traffic/street sounds. Those 3 floors you lose before 15 can make a big difference. Also I've heard that quality can vary also on those unlucky floors and the apartments on those floors were reserved as compensation floors for displaced former area residents or the like so not always best quality. Not that quality is ever that great but...


When apartment hunting it pays to look at many many units with as many realtors/agents as possible. And when you find something you like, don't wait. Chances are others will find it desirable also and it will dissapear before you get a chance to decide.

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    • Test Administrator (Examiner: English language, general ability, mathematical reasoning) Vacancies in Hangzhou, China Remuneration Range in China: RMB1000 per test session (approximately 3 hours) plus RMB100 per speaking test (net) 
      Information Contact: Jeanette Bray, Manager, Recruitment, Training & Quality Assurance
      Email: jeanette@aeas.com.au Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) wishes to appoint native English speaking Test Administrators in Hangzhou, China. Test Administrators are required to be available on a casual basis outside business hours, usually one Saturday per month. Test dates are scheduled 12 months in advance with a roster prepared 6-12 months in advance. AEAS is located in Melbourne, Australia and has an office in Beijing. AEAS provides a comprehensive assessment service for international students applying for entry into Australian schools. The Test Administrator is responsible for invigilating the written components of the AEAS Assessment and conducting the speaking tests. Group testing takes place in the morning, with speaking interviews following in the afternoon. Successful applicants will meet the Key Selection Criteria and will preferably have experience in testing examination administration under formal conditions. An understanding of test administration, confidentiality and test material security practices will be an advantage. Test Administrators must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree, preferably in teaching or psychology and a qualification as an ESL, TESOL or CELTA teacher or equivalent. Test Administrators must also be native English speaking and currently be living and working in the identified city. Test Administrators are required to sign an agreement with AEAS and to already have a valid working visa in China. Please contact jeanette@aeas.com.au for a full copy of the job description. 
    • Thank you guys! I just signed a half year contract with a tenant. So i have to say it is not available in half year. But will let you know if any changes.  wish you guys have good time in hangzhou! good luck!
    • Hi Mengan! What is the we chat for the mothers/kids/babies in Hangzhou? Thanks in advance! 
    • Hey Emily, I am coming to Hangzhou in July. I am super interested in working out and social time too since I won’t have any friends there right away. I noticed this post was from November, (I just joined this forum)  but I was curious if you found anything!  Any insight would be helpful! Thanks    Becky 
    • Yoou can look on Baidu map under "汉堡王“ to find a location near you. I actually have one not that far away from my home, but I live in northeast Hangzhou in the Daguan area.